Musings: 1st of February, Recalibration

Every so often I need to do this, to have a bucket of ice water thrown at my face to awaken me from some sort of slumber, whether conscious or no makes little difference ultimately — in fact, nowadays I seem to be able to realise when there is a miasma shrouding my senses, and although it might take a day or so, I can wrestle my way out of it eventually.

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Musings: 14th of January


Since appearing on Millennial Woes’ channel in late December last year, I have experienced a spike in subscribers to my YouTube channel and have reached over two-thousand subscribers in total. Lastnight’s podcast received more dislikes than my videos usually do, and that is something I am glad about. I am glad about it precisely because it was not one of my best “performances”; for the first half an hour I was rambly, slightly incoherent, unsure of what to say, beating around the bush in regard to certain topics. I was joined by Alex and James in particular (not to speak any less of Frederick and Ælle), so it was guaranteed to be an episode in which there were complaints made about the Alt-Right, memes, anonymity, and so on. This elicited a negative response by — I assume — newcomers to my channel, and I think that it is safe to say that a few among those dislikers will not be watching my videos again. My opinion on that? “Good.”

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New Year’s Dream

James: Try to remember your dream tonight. It’s important.

Adam: [The next morning, January 1st, 2017.] … And I did dream, but it was extraordinarily convoluted. Someone was saying that, “The angels erred in bringing Adam into the world.” over and over again. And I was correcting it, saying that it was God who made Adam, and God who breathed life into him. And that brought me to Exeter cathedral, where the Latin for “God breathed life into Adam” is inscribed on one of the walls. Then, I was looking around the cathedral, and I saw some of my old friends eating at the cathedral café. And then I woke up.

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Musings: 21st of December

Well, that is it. Six days of being with friends: complete. Words cannot describe how exhausted I am. And it is not so much physical tiredness — granted, we did a lot of walking and I am not currently the fittest person — but, rather, the emotional and psychological tiredness. Nonetheless, it was, from my point of view, a successful weekend.

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Primer, Pt. 15.5: FIDES·EX·AMICITIA

I mentioned in the fifteenth instalment of Primer that I recently had a falling-out with a friend. I, for some reason, feel the need to further explore the issue, to touch upon certain specifics, to lay things clear before me. As with the mention in part fifteen, I shall not be mentioning the other person by name here because it would be distasteful and catty to point fingers and whatnot. Rather, with the following, I just want to clear what is left of this issue from my head to the benefit of both myself and whomsoever cares to read it.

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Primer, Pt. 15: Our Fleshly Brethren

Well, Christmastime is upon us. It has been a very swift year, very quick; energetic. A lot has changed in these brief few months; some good things, some bad things, but nonetheless all things important. I have planned in a couple of weeks to meet with several friends — a moment of reality amid our virtual-flavoured lives, a chance to feel a handshake, an embrace, an honest word. Friends who respect eachother and wish eachother the best, friends who genuinely have a concern and connection with one-another beyond merely having the same political views or opinion on obscure history. A moment of earnestness.

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Some Quick Æsthetics [1]

I’ve recently been fiddling around with “branding,” as it were. As much as I dislike a focus upon image, I do like to have things neat and tidy. I have no formal background in art or design, and have done no proper studying on the topic, but I do have a certain approach which is distinguishable — hence this website and West Coast Reactionaries have both been praised on their looks (and content!)

Below are some examples of what I’ve tried, following a philosophy of simplicity, punctuality and geometry, with my personal “VOKUS” iconography.

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