Musings: 14th of January


Since appearing on Millennial Woes’ channel in late December last year, I have experienced a spike in subscribers to my YouTube channel and have reached over two-thousand subscribers in total. Lastnight’s podcast received more dislikes than my videos usually do, and that is something I am glad about. I am glad about it precisely because it was not one of my best “performances”; for the first half an hour I was rambly, slightly incoherent, unsure of what to say, beating around the bush in regard to certain topics. I was joined by Alex and James in particular (not to speak any less of Frederick and Ælle), so it was guaranteed to be an episode in which there were complaints made about the Alt-Right, memes, anonymity, and so on. This elicited a negative response by — I assume — newcomers to my channel, and I think that it is safe to say that a few among those dislikers will not be watching my videos again. My opinion on that? “Good.”

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The Myth of Freedom

First published, hyperlinks and images included, on West Coast Reactionaries in two separate parts: 1 & 2.

A week or two ago two YouTube celebrities of opposing styles butted heads for a solid four hours. Millennial Woes (a good friend of mine) made “The Case for White Nationalism” against Sargon of Akkad who made the case for… something else. Regardless, one can observe in the comments section of the aforementioned video various people filling-in the gaps Millennial Woes left in his reasoning, which corresponds to my own view of the whole affair which should come as no surprise.

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Dialogue with Ezekiel

Adam: Hey. Do I know you?

Ezekiel: Nope. But I know you… from the [Millennial] Woes‘ [Google] hangouts. Added you here through Facebook recommends from MW. I’m sort of a distant black ally of white self-determination. I follow the news and happenings and sense that your race and civilization is in grave danger of imploding. Got red-pilled years ago when I read Madison Grant‘s Passing of the Great Race and I’ve been haunted ever since.

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Overcoming Simulation

NOTE: These three pieces were first published, hyperlinks and images included, on West Coast Reactionaires (1, 2 & 3) but I have brought them all together here due to the similar trajectory of each piece of writing and the parallels between them.

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