On Questions

I have an ASKfm account whereby people can, either using a name or anonymously, ask me questions which, along with my answer, are produced on my public profile for all to see. I do not get many questions, maybe a couple every day, and about half of them I ignore for various reasons. Mostly, the questions one receives on such a platform are Q&A-tier; quite innocent, but sometimes one receives stupid or malignant ones from people who should never have learned how to read. Even less occasionally, though, one receives questions which are better-off not being answered in such a format at all — and it is this type which actually irritates me the most.

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Musings: 1st of February, Recalibration

Every so often I need to do this, to have a bucket of ice water thrown at my face to awaken me from some sort of slumber, whether conscious or no makes little difference ultimately — in fact, nowadays I seem to be able to realise when there is a miasma shrouding my senses, and although it might take a day or so, I can wrestle my way out of it eventually.

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Musings: 14th of January


Since appearing on Millennial Woes’ channel in late December last year, I have experienced a spike in subscribers to my YouTube channel and have reached over two-thousand subscribers in total. Lastnight’s podcast received more dislikes than my videos usually do, and that is something I am glad about. I am glad about it precisely because it was not one of my best “performances”; for the first half an hour I was rambly, slightly incoherent, unsure of what to say, beating around the bush in regard to certain topics. I was joined by Alex and James in particular (not to speak any less of Frederick and Ælle), so it was guaranteed to be an episode in which there were complaints made about the Alt-Right, memes, anonymity, and so on. This elicited a negative response by — I assume — newcomers to my channel, and I think that it is safe to say that a few among those dislikers will not be watching my videos again. My opinion on that? “Good.”

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Brief Thoughts on Writing

You know, I do keep a diary, but I almost never write in it. Last year I filled up a notepad of scribbles and the like, but this year I’ve barely had the inclination. Most of my miscellaneous thoughts have been posted here on this blog to make a sort of an exhibition of things. The writing then goes beyond itself in its purpose and potential.

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