Musings: 21st of December

Well, that is it. Six days of being with friends: complete. Words cannot describe how exhausted I am. And it is not so much physical tiredness — granted, we did a lot of walking and I am not currently the fittest person — but, rather, the emotional and psychological tiredness. Nonetheless, it was, from my point of view, a successful weekend.

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Primer, Pt. 15.5: FIDES·EX·AMICITIA

I mentioned in the fifteenth instalment of Primer that I recently had a falling-out with a friend. I, for some reason, feel the need to further explore the issue, to touch upon certain specifics, to lay things clear before me. As with the mention in part fifteen, I shall not be mentioning the other person by name here because it would be distasteful and catty to point fingers and whatnot. Rather, with the following, I just want to clear what is left of this issue from my head to the benefit of both myself and whomsoever cares to read it.

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Primer, Pt. 15: Our Fleshly Brethren

Well, Christmastime is upon us. It has been a very swift year, very quick; energetic. A lot has changed in these brief few months; some good things, some bad things, but nonetheless all things important. I have planned in a couple of weeks to meet with several friends — a moment of reality amid our virtual-flavoured lives, a chance to feel a handshake, an embrace, an honest word. Friends who respect eachother and wish eachother the best, friends who genuinely have a concern and connection with one-another beyond merely having the same political views or opinion on obscure history. A moment of earnestness.

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Archived Discussion VI: Alexander, James, John, Octavian, Rapture

The following is a discussion which took place in the West Coast Reactionaries Skype group on the eleventh of November, 2016. It began about Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the race for the U.S. presidency, but moved into a conversation about mercy and virtue. The contrast between the Traditional and modern approaches are very clear to see in this conversation, hence I sought to archive it, as it serves as an important case-study for us contemporary Rightists and those of an illiberal bent to learn from.

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Archived Discussion V: Alexander, John, Mark, Octavian

The following discussion took place in the West Coast Reactionaries Skype group on the third of November, 2016, about the recent court ruling declaring that the prime minister of Great Britain does not have the power to trigger Article 50 which would begin the process, following from the pro-Brexit vote in June, whereby the United Kingdom would formally leave the European Union.

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Some Quick Æsthetics [1]

I’ve recently been fiddling around with “branding,” as it were. As much as I dislike a focus upon image, I do like to have things neat and tidy. I have no formal background in art or design, and have done no proper studying on the topic, but I do have a certain approach which is distinguishable — hence this website and West Coast Reactionaries have both been praised on their looks (and content!)

Below are some examples of what I’ve tried, following a philosophy of simplicity, punctuality and geometry, with my personal “VOKUS” iconography.

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