New Year’s Dream

James: Try to remember your dream tonight. It’s important.

Adam: [The next morning, January 1st, 2017.] … And I did dream, but it was extraordinarily convoluted. Someone was saying that, “The angels erred in bringing Adam into the world.” over and over again. And I was correcting it, saying that it was God who made Adam, and God who breathed life into him. And that brought me to Exeter cathedral, where the Latin for “God breathed life into Adam” is inscribed on one of the walls. Then, I was looking around the cathedral, and I saw some of my old friends eating at the cathedral café. And then I woke up.

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Dialogue with Ezekiel

Adam: Hey. Do I know you?

Ezekiel: Nope. But I know you… from the [Millennial] Woes‘ [Google] hangouts. Added you here through Facebook recommends from MW. I’m sort of a distant black ally of white self-determination. I follow the news and happenings and sense that your race and civilization is in grave danger of imploding. Got red-pilled years ago when I read Madison Grant‘s Passing of the Great Race and I’ve been haunted ever since.

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