Musings: 14th of January


Since appearing on Millennial Woes’ channel in late December last year, I have experienced a spike in subscribers to my YouTube channel and have reached over two-thousand subscribers in total. Lastnight’s podcast received more dislikes than my videos usually do, and that is something I am glad about. I am glad about it precisely because it was not one of my best “performances”; for the first half an hour I was rambly, slightly incoherent, unsure of what to say, beating around the bush in regard to certain topics. I was joined by Alex and James in particular (not to speak any less of Frederick and Ælle), so it was guaranteed to be an episode in which there were complaints made about the Alt-Right, memes, anonymity, and so on. This elicited a negative response by — I assume — newcomers to my channel, and I think that it is safe to say that a few among those dislikers will not be watching my videos again. My opinion on that? “Good.”

Personal(ity) Concerns

I have recently been speaking with friends about concerns I am having regarding YouTube (and writing, too), about how there seems to be a degree of contention between my desires for personal and spiritual growth juxtaposed to maintaining my work and my involvement in the community which has coalesced around my videos. I came to realise that, ultimately, I can do nothing else but follow my nose with good intentions — something which has thus far proven its efficaciousness. There are of course little hurdles, milestones and checkpoints along the way, but I am confident that, in due time, I can assail the little peaks leading up and up. I feel that 2016 especially was a year of growth for me personally — becoming twenty years-old, buying Christmas presents for the first time, gaining a deeper understanding of my own personality, feeling closer to God, making true friendships, and much else — and I only hope that 2017 is a year of continual growth, but also of steadiness and balance long-required.

The Prole in the Bog, the Bog in the Prole

The recent doxing of The Right Stuff’s Mike Enoch and the ongoing conflict between the T.R.S. forum and 8chan’s /pol/ confirms worries which James has raised to me about the nature of this online anitliberal nebula we call the “Alt-Right.” That these hysterical massmen on /pol/ hate Jews so much and yet are so keen to behave in a parasitic, decisive, manipulative, shrewd, dishonourable, immature, resentful way really does bring our attention to Nietzsche’s words “For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” I think myself lucky that thus far I have not fell into many traps which I have not myself been able to pull myself out of. As for those traps which I am not yet aware of, well — that is what friends are for, right?

A Brave Advance in the Opposite Direction

Had Millennial Woes not forgot his own interior well being, instead distracting himself with ideology and the exterior world, then not only would he have not been a target for doxing to the same degree, but his response to all of the resulting chaos would have been different. He would have been more sure of himself, more confident who his friends were, more able to rely on familial bonds, more calm and balanced, and many other things. The lesson for him in all of this, I think, is to be aware of what his life is and what he wants it to be fundamentally — and the same lesson can be learned from the rest of us who can do little but watch and pray that he does indeed grow as a person from this chthonic furnace he has fallen into. Brother John’s video was a bit strong on some points, and he overestimates how much will to power Millennial Woes has as a man, but it is nevertheless worth watching. Concern for Millennial Woes should be personal and interior, not political and ideological.


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