New Year’s Dream

James: Try to remember your dream tonight. It’s important.

Adam: [The next morning, January 1st, 2017.] … And I did dream, but it was extraordinarily convoluted. Someone was saying that, “The angels erred in bringing Adam into the world.” over and over again. And I was correcting it, saying that it was God who made Adam, and God who breathed life into him. And that brought me to Exeter cathedral, where the Latin for “God breathed life into Adam” is inscribed on one of the walls. Then, I was looking around the cathedral, and I saw some of my old friends eating at the cathedral café. And then I woke up.

J: Do you know why I asked you to tell me about your dream?

A: Dreams bring out the subconscious, I suppose.

J: They do. The Japanese also have a traditional belief that the first dream of a new year is prophetic, which is interesting because we will also see in Dante the medieval idea that dreams right before dawn are also prophetic. I was curious why certain cultures held these beliefs about “the first dream” of a year or day was meant to be prophecy.

A: Did you dream lastnight?

J: I did, but it was a Sci-fi dream, so it probably only has allegorical significance. It had something to do with a “bacta tank,” which was something in Star Wars that the wounded would bathe in in order to heal old wounds. So, perhaps my dream was a portend for continued healing this year.

A: What do you make of my dream?

J: Before I tell you, you tell me first what you think of it since I’d like to hear your raw reaction before my intuition flavours it if any.

A: I don’t know if I was being referenced, or the perennial Adam was being referenced, or even both. The claim that “the angels erred in bringing Adam into the world” makes little sense as God brought both the perennial Adam and me into existence. It was a really messy dream, James. Blurry, like a whirlwind.

J: And what do you make of the mess?

A: I was in a waking state as I had the dream, I think, so it might due in part to that and my slightly hungover state, but I’m really not sure what I make of the dream. It was as if I was affirming myself when I said that God made Adam. I was replying to the perennial claim, but beneath that I had worries that I was the subject, so I had to justify or explain myself.

J: Go on.

A: The voice was in front of me. We were in a study of sorts, I think. I remember shelves stacked with books. But it was misty, and, as I turned to face the cathedral, it was like the world morphed into it.

J: Interesting.

A: The line, though, about the angels bringing Adam into the world. That’s very odd.

J: What makes it odd for you? Obviously aside from the theological “error” that you mentioned, but, what I mean is, why do you think that “error” existed in your dream? What does it mean? Why would it have been an error?

A: That’s the thing. It was said grimly. As if someone was looking down at the ground, shaking their head with sadness as they said it. I corrected the error in the dream, but there was little as to the “why” of things. Why was Adam brought into the world? How could it have been a mistake? Why was it not a mistake?

J: And so, if we take all of those together — as in, if we “zoomed out” as it were to the overarching theme of all of these confusing tiny details — what overall picture could you say the dream means concerning the question of Adam’s creation and/or your creation?

A: “Why am I here?” That’s the question. What do you think?

J: My thoughts are pretty much in line with yours. It’s an existential question, which makes sense considering how the theme of your past year has been an awakening. You are growing, and in that growth and finding yourself you have the spectre of your existence looming since it’s been a voice you’ve “listened” to for a long time. After all, remember you told me how you blamed yourself for some of the bad things that happened to you? For a long time, your interior voices have been disdainful or hateful or otherwise dismissive of your own being, and it is only recently that you’ve begun to acquire your true voice.

My take on why the voice says it was the angels that created Adam is because you are only just now beginning to understand sonship properly, Adam. For years, years and years your experience of sonship has been so bleak, inverted and sad that it is difficult for your sub-conscious to get used to the idea that Adam was created by God rather than by the “forces of the world.” The “error” of Adam being made by the angels is the interior voice professing, “I am an orphan” (at least that’s my hypothesis about that) but your true self is trying to reassert your primordial and instinctual truth, that you are a son of the living God, you have true worth and that you are not a mistake — you’re loved.

The mist and books make me believe that it represents your “intellectual sub-conscious,” the things you’ve “learned” about this world. And learning not just through reading, but also through experience. Sub-consciously buried in the mist are these lessons of pain, things that made you believe you are unworthy, ugly, orphaned, abandoned, disliked, unloved, etc.. The mist is the sub-conscious veil — the books, these lessons, lurk in the invisible parts of your psyche.

Your action of turning towards the cathedral, for me, represents your present quest and desire of actively seeking the vertical element; the eternal stone of the cathedral, the truths and foundations of your solid being; recognizing the solid truth that God breathed life into you. It is your psyche beginning to realize that this past year has been a big transmutational exercise, of getting you to realize that you’ve never been abandoned by your true Father, that you’ve been loved this whole time and that your existence has purpose, reason, elegance, beauty and meaning like a cathedral does.

A: You saying all of this does make me smile, James, so thank you.

J: I could still be wrong about it, but it’s just what I imagine it could mean. As with any dream interpretation, your subjective interpretation of it is the best since you draw from your own experiences and understanding. I’m merely offering one “reading” of the events considering what I know.

As for how it may be prophetic, it could be that 2017 could be another “turning point” for you like the way you turned from the books to the cathedral, where you further divest yourself of what weighs you down and reach for that which raises you up, like looking up at the spires of something tall. 2017 will be another round around the spiral of your growth.

A: I remember that when I turned to the cathedral, it was my choice. It wasn’t just an occurrence, but my own decision. Whereas with the books in the study I had just “come across” it. Reminds me of a certain poet.

J: Haha — yes, of course. The dark wood of Joe Owens’ bookshelf!


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