Some Quick Æsthetics [1]

I’ve recently been fiddling around with “branding,” as it were. As much as I dislike a focus upon image, I do like to have things neat and tidy. I have no formal background in art or design, and have done no proper studying on the topic, but I do have a certain approach which is distinguishable — hence this website and West Coast Reactionaries have both been praised on their looks (and content!)

Below are some examples of what I’ve tried, following a philosophy of simplicity, punctuality and geometry, with my personal “VOKUS” iconography.

Starting from the original picture, taken in late 2014 and slightly edited using Windows Picture Viewer…

…Leading to the present, where the colours and shape are associated with my name and my views (apologies for the low definition of the smaller logos).

I also mention this as today I had a redesign of my Tumblr page — one I’m finally happy with. Tumblr as a platform subsists entirely upon æsthetics, whether textual or pictorial, and a Tumblr page can say a great deal about someone’s projected image and tastes.



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