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Having abandoned Twitter a week ago, tonight I was reminded that a fortnight ago I joined the long queue for an account at — and here it is:

It’s unlikely that I’ll be too active, but I thought I’d support a platform which (according to all sources) has a true freedom of speech-orientated philosophy, a platform which will avoid bowing to the prevailing ideology of the day and any of its corporate tendrils.

Do I think that an abstract ideal such as “freedom” should serve as a philosophical-political cornerstone of society? No.

Do I believe, however, that information should be exposed to the public in an objective and clear manner, and that, in the halls of reason and sense, men should have the dignity to explore their beliefs and challenge falsehoods? Yes.

One of the perils of modern communications technology is the possibility of ideological monopoly held by a few cosmopolitans, happy in their malice and greed to tug at the puppet strings of most beneath. Indeed, this is what has happened in our modern era, whereby liberalism by its very nature as a philosophy spreads like a virus, corrupting the basic logical processes by which people perceive the world around them.

Anyways — you all know all of that. Gab presents an opportunity to export the laissez faire philosophy of the internet imageboard which we all know and love onto a more social matrix. It’s an interesting experiment which I do hope is fruitful — so, best of luck to the Gab team, and thanks for having me onboard.


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