Some Announcements

It has been a funny sort of week, honestly; but I do believe my personal “dip” since London has come to an end. Thank you to those who have given me a hand in sorting things out.

Anyways, some points of importance:

  • There is now a “Public Library” accessible via the main menu on this blog. This collection of .PDFs has been growing for just over a year now, and I update it whenever I come across something of note. Personally, I prefer physical books and rarely read .PDFs in their entireties, however, I know that they can be valuable to a lot of people, hence I keep this little collection. Most of it relates to esotericism, spirituality, and symbolism, but there is plenty of diversity, all that aside. Let me know if you come across any problems regarding it — we all know what Google can be like regarding its services.
  • I have terminated my Twitter account. The West Coast Reactionaries one is still operational, of course, but my personal one has been removed because it was an unnecessary thing to manage. Aside from sharing articles, videos and other things I find on the net, Twitter provides nothing for me. My news I get from various blogs, YouTube channels and 8chan, and my contacts I retain via Skype or email. Having an online presence sometimes means the accumulation of needless gimmicks, and for me, Twitter was one of those. (There is the small possibility that I will re-instate use of Twitter in the future, but it is unlikely.)
  • I have remade the “VOKUS” YouTube channel for more intimate, personal livestreams and other videos. Unfortunately, I will not be able to livestream until either next year, or until I can use another mobile phone to verify the account. It will be operational soon, however. This does mean that I will be taking the advice of friends and ceasing to be so personal on my main channel — something perhaps realised too late. The fact is that I do not wish to be false or to hold back, but I cannot let my personal chaos impede my work or seep into matters of logic and reason. I will retain my personality, obviously, but I will not go into personal matters again on the main channel. All it does is create misunderstandings and frustration.

That is about it for now. Remember that I can be contacted via Skype (my ID is “unionabsolution”) and email ( very easily, and that I am always glad to talk should it be wanted. Thanks again to the comments over the past couple of days. I genuinely appreciate the people who are looking-out for me and wanting me to grow as a person.


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