Notes in London (& London Forum speech notes)

Friday, 23rd September:

08:26 — Boarded coach. Cold/hayfever symptoms not too mild, but bearable. Just the usual nonsense. Two bags and plenty of misc. is an irritation, but, again, bearable. Looking forward to meeting Stead again and others — Jack and co. tomorrow; it’s about time. Just wish I hadn’t seemingly caught a cold now — the worst possible timing. If it’s too bad tomorrow then I can’t give the speech. Don’t want to make others ill, either; likely caught this from Liam — the ol’ boomerang, apparently. What bad luck. And with that, the coach is off. Opeth is playing — Still Life is one of their best albums, easily. These new earphones I got for my birthday are sound-proof regarding externals; they’re plugs, essentially, which also means the sounds goes right in. Despite years of loud music and drumming, my ears are still good enough — right better than the left, at least.

08:46 — Had second breakfast. Might get a little travelsick looking at this thing now we’re on the move. Bloody dropping things; phone, water, etc. — wish the coach had a more rigid suspension system; the springs are deep, but tough, which means it can be a bit bouncy. Isn’t like granddad’s old Rolls Royce, which weighs like three tons yet is smooth as a smooth thing, because the chassis is kept level by the weight-to-spring-tautness ratio (whatever that is). Hoping that keeping myself distracted will ease the runny nose et al, but I’m no optimist. We’ll need to see how I am as the day progresses, as well as what I’m like tomorrow morning. I bought hayfever and cold/flu tablets with me, just in case, but they don’t seem to be doing too much. Had one of each, as well as a vitamin-C and zinc this morning, and two hours-ish from that it’s as if I’ve taken nothing. Bastard. This would’ve been a nicer trip had I not been ill and Tyler was with me. Don’t really know what happened; guess he sorted things too late, and it is a hassle, admittedly, for him to get to Exeter at like seven o’clock and then board a coach with me. We discussed meeting at London, him getting there by himself, briefly, but I don’t know what exactly is going on with that. Haven’t heard from him in the past couple of days, so I assume plans fell through. Not to worry, I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities. Besides, he isn’t the most social person, at least from my impressions, so dragging him around London meeting Nationalists and the like could’ve been a chore — not that I would’ve minded. Alright, I’m sure this is just allergies, now; my head isn’t stuffy overmuch, and it’s just water coming out of my nose, not mucous — not exactly pleasant, but I’m sure this isn’t some cold or flu. Lastnight was a pain. Couldn’t sleep, was tightly-strung [REDACTED] and fell asleep at last, at around twelve o’clock (I originally went to bed at ten). Six-odd hours of sleep is alright, though, in spite of my intended eight. I’ll be relaxing on this coach for the next three and a half hours at the minimum, so I’m not expending much energy; just quietly humming along (the occasional sniff aside).

10:07 — Dropped my bloody water bottle. Excellent. Before it was my phone; at least the lid of the bottle is on tight (I hope). Ailments are fading somewhat; once I’m out and about, and have things to set my mind upon I’m sure I’ll be alright. Plenty of sleep tonight should also help. I’ve just been listening to Tool; while one of my most listened-to bands, they’re no longer my favourite. Too many pseudo-philosophical lyrics and too much modernist angst from M.J. Keenan on lots of these tracks. Normie-tier “profundity” — “Wow, humans kill eachother, man.” “Wow, religion controls people, man.” “Wow, open your third eye, man.” — fuck off, honestly.

10:33 — We’re stuck in traffic. Fucking excellent. One minute we’re still, the next we’re on the move, albeit gradually. I also dropped a tissue. It’s getting on my nerves, now, all this dropping-things-business.

10:35 — Just passed what looks like two cars which’ve collided; minor damage only, I think. At least I know it’s not mile upon mile of still vehicles — I’d have to text Jez to tell Stead I’ll be late.

I didn’t write thereafter; I arrived via coach at Victoria Station, London, at around one o’clock in the afternoon.

To Know Thyself: The Most Revolutionary Act Of Our Time

The Modern World is an illusion. It only exists as a reaction against Tradition; as a negation of proper order, both individually and collectively. To re-encounter sanity amid the chaos of the Modern World, we must ask ourselves some important questions: Do we embrace life? Do we embrace ourselves? And do we embrace God? By answering these three questions we are not only on the road to personal existential steadiness, but societal balance and harmony so lacking at the present.

The world as it stands is detached from history and from what constitutes the foundation of the present. This effects people and groups of people. The twenty-four hour news media, social media, etc., are all symptoms of Modern Man’s lack of roots and understanding of authentic reality. Removing immigrants and progressives is only half of the present battle — the plain of character, morality and spirituality, etc., must be addressed.

Embracing Life:
An authentic, owned existence is affirmed via will, not merely “having been born.” Part of the revolt against the Modern World is to understand that we each have free will, and have to live our lives with deliberation and power. A full life is chosen, it is not given to us. By accepting both the good and the bad, and the responsibility — duty — to act in an ordered fashion, we’re that much closer to a proper state of affairs.

Embracing God:
Morality is objective, not subjective. What is true can be seen by all intelligent men, though relative to different races and traditions (ref. perennialism). The idea of a fixed point of “Above” is an ever-important notion which should inform our actions and ideas.

Embracing Oneself:
An authentic and full understanding of one’s racial form means having knowledge of one’s ancestors and one’s personal foundation. None of us exist as accidents, but, rather, because of an ordered and comprehensible series of cultural-historical facts. True race is three-dimensional (qua Julius Evola’s racial theory), not merely genetic. Caste must also be considered, as within a race are members of all four castes (workers, skilled workers, warriors and priests). Understanding both of these things leads to a full understanding of one’s worldly form


Revere the highest power in the universe. And likewise, revere the highest power in yourself: and this power is of one kind with the other. ~ Marcus Aurelius

Plato said something that we have already cited on other occasions, that it is a good idea for the person who does not have a sovereign within to have one outside. ~ Julius Evola

Only when we are fit for power will we find the means to re-exercise it in our own societies. ~ Jonathan Bowden

Sunday, 25th September:

11:33 — Speech went well; had to respond to the atmosphere of the room more than communicate what I originally intended via notes etc.. [REDACTED] The first — and one of the best — speakers was a lad who worked with the British National Party during their golden age in the early 2000s. He also campaigned for us to leave the European Union — which of course was a success — and was the main topic of his talk; about local politicking and engaging with the public. (I’m sure Joe Owens will enjoy this — he’s dismissive about the London Forum, and sees it as a state-funded playpen to keep Nationalism at the intellectual level instead of anything else.) [REDACTED] Then there was a brief presentation from a white-only charity. Fair enough; I can’t fault something like that, my opinions on racial theory etc. aside. Afterwards was a talk about white genocide in South Africa, and then about Donald Trump and co. in the United States of America, all in relation to violence against white people. I can’t comment on it much; it was well-delivered and informative [REDACTED] Following that, we had a speech by Roger Devlin — whom I know from Counter-Currents — about sexuality and feminism, and how men and women have different sexual strategies, and how this has influenced the contemporary liberal world. A very, very good speech. As much a materialist as Roger is, I can appreciate an able mind.

12:00 — Finally on the coach; two hours late due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Wish they’d just tell us what exactly happened; engine failure, traffic, whatever. Just gives that peace of mind which is often overlooked. Anyways, I was the final speaker, at my request. My speech was shorter than I intended, as I had to respond to the room. Expecting everyone to welcome my radical Traditionalism was a mistake, however mildly. There is no continuity between the old guard Nationalists and Alt. Right-savvy newcomers like myself and my friends. They inhabit a totally different world. It’s interesting to observe but difficult to mend any gaps between.

I arrived back home at around half-past three in the afternoon on the 25th of September, very tired and irritable — but glad to be out of London. Thank you to my friends — Jack, Harry, Alex, Chris, Robin, Vladimir, Yaron — and everyone else for attending. It’s deeply appreciated.


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