Weekly Round-Up: 18th of September, 2016

Somehow I missed last week’s round-up, so this could be a lengthy instalment.

Regarding writing, here at VOKUS were some short musings, and over at West Coast Reactionaries was part one of a series about the Anglo-Saxon, this time about his origins.

As for videos, where to begin?

There was part five of mine and Duncan’s reading and analysis of John Glubb’s “Search for Survival.”

Myself and Ed have of course been fulfilling our weekly news duties, with episodes five and six covering the past fortnight’s happenings.

The Plebeian Podcast saw episodes twenty-five, twenty-six and twenty-seven — I’m enjoying these very much, after having returned to the original relaxed style (yet with that wit and intellect from my guests which is so vital).

I had a nice dialogue with Andrew for the first time in over a year — glad to have him on the podcast again, too.

There were words on the changing definition of “Alt. Right,” a response to Richard, and another responding to comments session.

I finally got around to uploading our reading of the first part of chapter twelve of Revolt Against the Modern World. You’ll notice it’s only me reading in the video, and that’s because the remaining audio was corrupted by network interference at the time of recording. It just means the next part will be with Paul and Duncan, and will go into some long-needed analysis, at last!

Finally at YouTube this week was something very special: An interview with NOBODY™. A very interesting and special video — it goes even without saying.

I’ll add, lastly, that it’s my twentieth birthday on Tuesday, and on Friday I’ll be heading to London to speak at the London Forum. An exciting week to come.


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