Musings: 9th of September

I’ve been slacking on my writing lately, focusing more on videos and organising my schedule. I originally planned some time ago to write something here at VOKUS once a week at least, but it can be difficult — and oftentimes I find myself rambling about the same old things.

Recently, the topic of race has been a big thing, and with myself falling into traps of overusing certain words (“actuality,” “form,” etc.) it’s dragging-on. If I just made a video explaining exactly what my views on this question were, instead of mentioning the general topic from different vantages over the course of several weeks, I’m sure plenty of people would be better pleased with me — but that’s the thing: it isn’t about anyone else.

I’m documenting my own understanding of things, and even the changes in my mental process over time. I see no reason to rush hurriedly to tightly-defining certain words and ideas if things are still somewhat amorphous in my own mind; things take time to coalesce, and the shifting sands of my thoughts take a while to settle and harden. I can’t be in a rush lest the sands aren’t still, and are in fact still moving and shifting with the winds. That isn’t to imply a kind of chaos, but, rather, a sort of mental-spiritual dance taking place, all in slow motion. This is no rush: things will come when they are intended to.

By contemplating objects that possess measure and proportion and by purifying himself through the practice of self-examination, the lover of wisdom becomes more and more orderly and harmonious, more and more God-like. His whole soul becomes converted from darkness to light, from untruth to truth, from the changing to the unchanging, from becoming to being, from disunity to unity. ~ C. Cavarnos

Things crystallise and take shape over a period of breathing and watchfulness. The challenge lies in maintaining this calm and ordered state and not slipping beyond the precipice (but such are the ways of genius, of gift, according to Bowden et al).

A few things come to mind as of late regarding writing ideas for West Coast Reactionaries. On activism? On the Left/Right split? On the flaws of White Nationalism? On the nature of Englishness? — good grief, for months I’ve been thinking about that last one, but I’ve not yet sat down and began the piece. I’ll likely begin with Hengist and Horsa — right to the roots; the white horse come to shape Old Albion cut into twos and then threes and then fifths.

I’m doing well in keeping to my schedule; I’ve kept to it, and even gone overboard in terms of productivity. Something reciprocated by a few in the form of donations which is well-appreciated and shall be used well. Aside from Skype giving me grief (and a few Nationalists failing to listen to their betters) these past weeks have been smooth and consistent.

A good foreshadow for my talk on the 24th about logos and knowing thyself, I reckon.


3 thoughts on “Musings: 9th of September”

  1. You may already know that Hengist & Horsa (meaning Stallion & Horse) are the Anglo-Saxon version of the Indo-European Divine Twins, like the Asvins (Rigveda) & Dioskoroi (Greek). The names Hengist & Hors were given to pairs of horses’ heads that used to adorn farmhouse gables in Lower Saxony & Schleswig-Holstein. Source: M L West, Indo-European Poetry & Myth, p 186 ff. He concludes:

    ‘ … we have sufficient grounds for belief in a pair of MIE [Mature Indo-European] divine twins, the Sons of *Dyeus, who rode horses through the sky and rescued men from mortal peril in battle and at sea.’

  2. Oh sorry! Just seen the footnote to your article on the Anglo-Saxons on WCR. I should have known you’d be up to speed on this!

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