Weekly Round-Up: 4th of September, 2016

A very productive and important week indeed — I’m quite pleased with myself.

Here at VOKUS was a little lamentation about certain ideologues, and a little explainer about a certain book in the works. [NOTE: I’ve now removed the poetry from the volume, and will eventually be publishing a collection of poetry by itself separately, at the recommendation of a friend.]

Over at West Coast Reactionaries was a tract on the “free speech” crowd vs. the Left, as well as a response to an ongoing debate about the Alt. Right and the question of quality.

Now, at YouTube there was a heck of a lot of stuff this week. Firstly, I must say that I have gone through the last two years of content and given half of my videos new thumbnails, new titles, new descriptions and new tags. I’ve done this not only because I’m probably autistic, but in case I disappear for a while due to monetary issues, at least then the channel is pretty in my absence. I’ve also downloaded every video of mine, and am part-way through converting them to .MP3s which will of course be linked to on the .MP3 Archive page on this website. Slowly but steadily, we’ll get there.

You’ll notice that every miscellaneous Google Hangout now is a part of “The Hangout” series totalling twenty-one episodes, which is to coincide with the new (I suppose series four) Plebeian Podcast beginning this Wednesday. There have been twenty-four episodes of the Plebeian Podcast in total since its beginning on the 16th of October, 2014. The next episode will be the twenty-fifth, and here-on-out this will be it; no more needlessly making a new series every year.

Above you’ll see the thumbnails for the final episode of “The Hangout,” the third series of the Plebeian Podcast, and then the first thumbnail of the latter’s new incarnation. Design-wise I had to keep it simple, no-nonsense and readable. I also wanted to hark back to the first thumbnails I threw together in 2014 — a Microsoft Paint job, if I recall:

Is it weird that I get nostalgic looking at this mess?

Whatever the case, the Plebeian Podcast airs at Wednesdays and Fridays, 10PM GMT, according to the new schedule.

In regard to new content at YouTube, there were thoughts on ideology and community, on social hierarchy and on knowing one’s caste. Also was a message on schedule changes (which are to take place this week forward).

As for livestreams, there were episodes twenty and twenty-one of our famed Hangouts, involving myself, Duncan and Ed.

There was also an interesting comment which I just had to respond to from a chap named Roger, something which deserves more attention in the future.

At long last I got around to editing and uploading the second half of part three, and part four of mine and Duncan’s reading and analysis of John Glubb’s essay, “Search for Survival.” I enjoy editing these ones because they were recorded before Brexit, back in April and May, and it’s nice to listen back to oneself to see even the minor changes in thought which have occurred over time. An important and interesting little series likely to be finished soon, afterwhich I’m sure Dunc ‘n I shall find something else to read (and I promise I’ll upload the videos on time then!)

Also this week in the videosphere was a little public service announcement on my part regarding YouTube potentially censoring Millennial Woes. No-one should be surprised by this, but do remember that if you’re using YouTube and you’re intellectually dissident, that you keep everything archived and are prepared in case you get shut down.

Of course, there was the Plebeian Podcast — the last of series three — with David Parry, Ed, and Undertow for the first time in months (was glad to have him back on), about the topic of modern art and politics. A good discussion indeed.

Finally, and this is important, was a video about our new Patreon page. I’ve decided at last to set this up, not only for myself, but for W.C.R. and us lads generally.

This will hopefully facilitate people’s internet connections, equipment, website hosting, and much more. As should be obvious, know that should you decide to assist us with a little something every month, it will be massively appreciated — and thank you so much to those who already have within such a short span of time. Seven backers within the first twenty-four hours might not seem like many people, but it’s far more than the none I expected.



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