Here we go again…

West Coast Reactionaries has been receiving comments from antinatalists again, as usual autistically spewing all sorts of nonsense, leaving comment after comment, every one hundreds of words in length, hysterically grasping for straws and, of course, all with a really smug veneer of self-righteousness.

Just for the record, due to the frantic, retarded nature by which antinatalists — seemingly as a whole — like to comment, their comments get marked usually as spam.

Further, I have no intention of debating the topic anymore. It is a closed issue. Antinatalists reject procreation, by doing so they reject life, by doing so they reject logos, by doing so they reject the form of creation; they, in short, reject God and truth. This is airtight and unassailable.

I have no desire to engage in these stupid intellectual masturbation challenges through which these wretches justify themselves. They’re intellectuals through-and-through, and we mean that in the irritating, pompous, bourgeois sense. The only logically consistent antinatalist is the one who kills himself, like Otto Weininger; the rest are proles who think they’re special snowflakes because they’re adept at dialectic.

In short: fuck off.


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