Weekly Round-Up: 28th of August, 2016

The only piece of writing this week was a short piece of poetry here at VOKUS titled “Casted.” There has been a myriad of video material, however.

On my channel were thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s “Alt-Right speech” before it happened, an explainer once it happened on what exactly the Alt. Right is, on counter-signalling, on the race question, and on technology. There were also words on my coming talk at the London Forum, as well as a responding to comments video. Lastly on my channel was a livestream with Duncan (and Ed right at the end) on Hillary’s speech, esotericism, history and more, as per usual.

Finally, I appeared for a while on one of Ed’s livestreams — the first on his channel for quite some time. As usual, it was a pleasure.

The reason there’s been a lack of writing is due to my work on PRIMER ET CETERA which is eating-up most of my otherwise writing-allocated time. I’ll try to spew something out next week, however.

What I’m currently listening to…


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