Weekly Round-Up: 21st of August, 2016

Regarding writing, at West Coast Reactionaries this week was the fourteenth instalment of “Primer,” wherein I ask three questions. Here at VOKUS was a short dialogue on racialism between myself and my friend Marc.

At YouTube this week was another responding to comments video, an announcement letting everyone know I’ll be in London in September, and am available for a meet-up, an attempt at a Plebeian Podcast about the relation between art and politics, which went badly due to network issues on my end (we’ll be continuing with the topic during the week), and finally a very informal Hangout with myself and Duncan.

Aside from the aforementioned, I’ve been working on a book to publish; I’ll be compiling my writing over the past year or so and actually having a proper, handheld book made. I was originally going to compile another batch of articles for Primer, vol. III, but I instead have decided to merge volumes I and II, include what’s been written since then, and wrap it all up under the banner of “a journey through the mind of a young know-it-all”; a case-study of a young man involved with the Alt. Right. I thought it would be an interesting thing to share, and perhaps it serves some use for people.

As a sneak peak, the contents has been drafted as follows (with “x” designating page number):


So far, with the actual draft, I’ve reached eighty pages — and that’s just “Primer,” not anything else.

Regardless, there’s much work ahead. I’ve asked a friend if he wanted to write a foreword, but by all means contact me if you wish to as well. I want to include plenty of people with this project.


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