Weekly Round-Up: 15th of August, 2016

Not a very active week due to illness yet again.

Whilst there was no writing at West Coast Reactionaries (I planned on writing this weekend but I was busy all day Saturday, and today on Sunday I’ve been too unwell to focus on anything proper), there was a relaying here at VOKUS of Saint Bede’s account of the martyrdom of Saint Alban. There are some details about the story which unsettle me; I might go into detail at some other time with a piece of writing.

Over at YouTube was a monologue/response regarding claims that Westerners should “co-exist” with Muslim immigrants. I of course disagree, though not for the reasons one might expect.

Also, later that day, was a lengthy Hangout featuring myself, Duncan, Ed and John where we talk about all sorts of things — the usual, basically.

And finally, I’ve begun a new project: The Julius Evola Archive. I aim to weave together all the disparate strands of Evolian thought on the internet via one straightforward portal/archive/explainer/etc. We’ll see how I do.


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