Weekly Round-Up: 7th of August, 2016

A satisfying week.

Over at YouTube was a Hangout with my good friends Mark Citadel and Kaiter Enless on all manner of topics — including but not limited to: European religion, the recent continental attacks, white nationalism, nationalism itself, the role of the Church, modernism, death-worship, Traditional definitions of race… and probably something I’ve forgotten. It was a great evening.

There were also two responding to comments videos, on the first of August and the seventh respectively. I’m enjoying doing these little videos; I can clear a lot up and get to the nitty-gritty at people’s request. Good audience interaction, I suppose.

At West Coast Reactionaries this week was a transcript of my Extremists Club speech, a poem I wrote one afternoon about a boy and a bird, and finally Primer part the thirteenth, about suicide (of which I’ve recorded a reading at YouTube).

And finally, here at VOKUS, was a short poem on lethargy, and the poem I posted at WCR broken down verse-for-verse as I wrote it that afternoon; parts one, two, three, four and five.

All-in-all, my allergies kicking-in again aside, ’twas a pleasant week — and a musical one, too; Opeth has been my go-to band once more (though their new album, going by the title-track alone, is rather chaotic and disappointing, I must say).


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