The Son and the Skylark, Pt. III

The Skylark’s three lessons were simple and short
Firstly she took the young Son for a walk
“Notice this motion that our feet do propel
Though of course my wings are a superior sail

Flying is like walking inasmuch as direction
To learn how to fly you must learn the inception
Of movement calm, consistent and strong
For if upon high you panic, you’ll doubtless go wrong”

The second of lessons for the young Son
Was instruction of places and of navigation
“Now that your body has become strong and steady
Walk between markers, as for air you’re not ready

Watch as I dart between the air and the ground
For food and for children who trust in my sound
Purpose to be here or there is paramount
For reason breeds order; a healthy habit’s found”

The third was the last of the Skylark’s lessons
The final of three important winged blessings
She told the young Son to find her first nest
High on the moor to the north and the west


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