The Son and the Skylark, Pt. II

The Son he stumbled through corridors dark
He bled himself and blamed himself, but then came Skylark
“Oh you,” he said, “I have watched you a while
And I think of you much from across the mile

Unfortunate though your troubles’ve been
‘Tis not something you oughtn’t have foreseen
For show me your scars and your ambling mind
And show you I will of some happiness to find

For dark are these corridors and dirty the halls
But notice my wings, the wind overhauled
Mingle with clouds white do I and the blue sky
Beyond the claws of people below, whom I hear cry

Boundless and joyous, dancing upon high
Too could you be taught how proper to fly
But be warned of dangers for once in the air
‘Tis a long way down, so please do take care”

The Son was puzzled and knew not what to think
Should he follow this avian and be doomed not to sink?
Though he may ascend and then fall again
He asked of the bird, “How may I begin?”


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