The Son and the Skylark, Pt. I

“I wish to die,” he told his Father
Or told himself, I should say rather
His Father told him, “Do what thou wilt
The purer intent further’s spirit distill’t”

“But I wish to die, to see no more
No more caring of what enters the fore”
But the Father had enough of this talk
“Do what thou wilt; now I must walk”

And so there was this separation
A severing of bonds and the bleeding of nation
The folk forgot the Father’s name
And in part it did to the Son the same

The earth one day sundered, vast and wide
Revealing gore and chaos, and the Mother she cried
It left its scar, its unmendable mark
Upon the Son, eyes now bleak and now stark

This open wound it festered still
And took many forms from iller to ill
In rage and weakness a storm violent brewed
Scared for the world, being it cruel and it shrewd


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