Weekly Round-Up: 31st of July, 2016

A quiet week, most notably due to my trip to London, which went better than I expected.

Here at VOKUS, I collected my thoughts whilst in London. Not an enjoyable place, really. I’m not a people-person, and it really was the crowds of people which I didn’t like at the subrational level.

Over at West Coast Reactionaries I wrote an article about my trip overall, which, of course, was for a meeting of the Extremists Club — thank you for the umpteenth time to David for inviting me and hosting myself and my cousin William whilst in London.

Speaking of which, at YouTube, I have uploaded the video footage of the speech I gave. The response is pretty good thus far, and I’ll be writing a transcript of the speech likely tomorrow (I intended to have it done for this evening but I fell-ill on Saturday).

That’s it for this week. I felt totally drained from my trip and the experience. I’ve had little to no energy these past few days, and I’m having second thoughts about talking at the London Forum due to it; I am not psychologically predispositioned for these sorts of things (anyways, I’ll save all that for another entry in case some dolt misreads me). Over and out.


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