Weekly Round-Up: 24th of July, 2016

It’s only a day and half until my trip to London to speak at the Extremists Club — something I’m very much looking forward to!

Whilst there wasn’t any writing at West Coast Reactionaries this week (though I have been working on mine and Duncan’s project on the English), there was a brief entry here at VOKUS on the topic of freshening up. And now that I’ve mentioned WCR, I must say that we are now at Twitter as well — be sure to follow us there.

Over at YouTube this week it’s been nice and active.

There were livestreams on late-night banter, Leftism and terror, pan-Europeanism and more and on yet more attacks from minorities — may the dead rest in peace.

There was also an edition of the Plebeian Podcast; episode five this series, on masculinity with myself, Ed, Duncan and John.

Also was a reading of the epitaph of Cædwalla, as recorded in Saint Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People. From NOBODY™ we have a short, ambient piece on selfies at the cemetery. And finally, from lastnight, a short video responding to a few comments.


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