Musings: 20th of July, Freshening Up

It seems I’ve fully exited a period of hibernation. It feels rather pleasant.

I’ve tidied-up my subscriptions list on YouTube, removing about two-hundred channels from the list, and making my liked videos and subscribed channels private. (I figured it was time to close the door ever so slightly, due in-part to a realisation that there are hundreds of pairs of eyes watching me and I simply cannot be bothered with the sort of nonsense discussed here.) I’ve also refreshed the channel description, banner art, picture and links. At Tumblr I’ve finally settled on a theme for my page (the bloody default one!), though of all things that’s the one most in flux. I really ought to learn to just leave it alone: it functions well, looks clean and does what it’s supposed to do. I’ve also — as you can see — tweaked this blog again. I’ve rewritten the about page, replaced the social links page with icons and refreshed the theme for both aesthetics and functionality. There were other things, like Google Plus, Gravatar and my account at the The Right Stuff forum (which I’m unable to delete), but it’s all rather unimportant.

For West Coast Reactionaries I’ve created a Twitter account to make sharing articles a little more fluid and to increase reader interaction. And with WCR‘s slick new look and excellent recent articles I think the site deserves as much exposure as possible — quality over quantity of course, but we don’t want the wrong people to miss what’s posted there.

What else is there a’happening? My talk at the Extremists Club is just under a week away. Good grief; the more I think about it the more nervous I become. I know that once I’m in the room and have assessed the atmosphere it’ll be fine, but I really am not mentally built for these inclusive social calls — the very fact that it’s happening feels somewhat unnatural, though perhaps that’s just the lazy side of me wanting to stay in its shell. Whatever the case I look forward to seeing what comes of all this, and I must thank David Parry for urging me into this position — though my stomach turns at the thought of speaking (it’s the physicality of the occurrence, the vulnerability, which unnerves me) — it’s better to be clean than to be comfortable: I am in a cocoon of sorts right now and I must escape it. I must also thank my cousin William for wanting to come with me to London; truly the only consistent friend I’ve had for many years.

Me and Duncan are finally discussing our series of articles about Englishness, which I’ve been looking forward to for some time. It’s an immensely important topic, identity, and to approach it properly isn’t something I’ve seen done very cleanly anywhere — perhaps we can correct that, or, at the very least, give it a damn good try. The rough plan for the series I’ve jotted-out thusly:

The Anglo-Saxon:

  • His Origins
  • On the Organic
  • On Kingship
  • On Poetry
  • On Myth & Metaphysics

The overall goal is to identify what the Anglo-Saxon, what the Englishman, fundamentally is from a three-dimensional point of view, and of course therefore to pinpoint what an Englishman must search for beyond the murk of modernity. It’s a revolt against the rootless cosmopolitanism stalking contemporary Europe which seeks to tear-down differentiation and all that which is organic and proper. I am very happy to be doing this with Duncan and can’t want to get stuck-in.

There’s just something about today which felt good. I have this awful habit of procrastinating on the internet, twiddling my thumbs and surfing social media like a zombie — something I really must stop. Aside from that nonsense, though, today was just pretty neat. I had a great conversation with James, I had a nice sandwich at lunchtime, I haven’t played videogames, I’ve been reading and writing non-stop; all’s rather well — and I hope it is for you too.

I photographed my long Summertime walk the other day: parts one, two, three, four and five. Maybe that’s what’s propelling me? Glorious Albion, may she never die.


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