Weekly Round-Up: 17th of July, 2016

Over at West Coast Reactionaries this week was a revisiting of my thoughts on the Jewish question — an edgy and provocative topic, for sure, but I hopefully circumnavigate the dangers by treating it properly from a three-dimensional perspective. I’m still awaiting Ed’s writing on the topic, which I hope will provide a broader space for dialogue on the issue, interesting and important as it is.

Also at WCR was a note on Nice, the French town where there has been another slaughtering of Europeans by Muslim hands. As I say in my brief article, there isn’t much to construe from such an event; it speaks for itself. A terrible shame, but these events will not stop any time soon — that’s the weakness of liberalism for you. With every child murdered by Sunni dogs the European Right is just proved correct once more.

At YouTube this week I continued my conversation with good friend David about the New Right, spirituality and the modern world. Unfortunately I fell ill a day after which turned my sleep schedule upside-down, which rendered me unavailable for Friday’s Plebeian Podcast — something to be remedied in the week.

Here at VOKUS were notes for my speech at the coming Extremists Club gathering. We’re only just over a week away and I’m quite excited for it; let’s hope I get it recorded for YouTube.

Also here were some musings on Wednesday. I’ve drafted several posts like this since that one, little emotional spewings, none of which have seen the light of day. It’s one thing to exhibit items of potential worth, another to bellyache like a child. I try to do more of the former, less the latter, if I can help it.

And finally, one of Ed’s ideas, were some WCR stickers I designed that one can print-out if one has a sticker-maker handy. A fun little idea, at least in my opinion.


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