Weekly Round-Up: 11th of July, 2016

No writing this week. I’ve been active at YouTube, however.

There was an hour-long discussion with Mark Citadel about Brexit, a response to the weirdos sending me three-thousand word-long essays about why I need to be “clued-in” in the Jewish question, a reading of my written-about encounter with a sensible liberal, and also a lengthly Hangout with Jack (Imperial Aspirations) on all sorts of topics.

Something important was a request for people to vote in a poll regarding this month’s Extremists Club gathering. Due to concerns from organisers about a huge increase in attendees, I’m glad to see, from the results of the poll thus far, that there will be an extra ten or so people coming, not an extra hundred, due to the size of the venue and so on. (Also in the aforelinked video, was my first attempt at using music in a video, courtesy of NOBODY™. I think it turned-out well.)


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