Notes for Extremists Club speech — “Moderns Against Modernity”

This is a draft of a skeleton of a speech which is subject to change and expansion.

Intended length: ~30 minutes.

How did I become a reactionary?

  • Personal background.
  • Dissolution with youth culture.
  • Being an outsider/introvert.
  • The internet and the information age.

Repeating patterns for other people’s stories.

  • Society’s lack of order.
  • Society’s lack of guidance.
  • Society’s lack of honesty.
  • Concern for the future (Islam, economy, political class, etc.).

Quotes to use:

Contemporary citizens have become more deluded in their servitude than any previous generation. Somnambulant automata, many critics have observed, sadly allowing slavery to be packaged as liberty; the chicanery of cheap alcohol, soft drugs and casual sex making most Englishmen mindlessly thrall to the type of trivial indulgence which prevents a full flowering of the inmost Self. Such a populace, it hardly needs stating, is estranged from all notions of a historical continuum that doubtlessly emancipate a man. In fact, they are merely members of a restless political un-dead. Believing, quite inaccurately, that their deeply disoriented wits have found a futurist’s utopia through the medium of cultural dissolution! Cut off from antiquity and psychologically disabled through elitist machination, such narcotised natives taste little apart from death between their already dry, blackened, lips. ~ David Parry, Deconstructing Mount Athos

A society is a system of relationships, of agape and brotherhood, not economic utility. We’re people, not insects. In the tragicomedy of metropolitan life a man in Tokyo, with a population of ~14,000,000 people, murders himself because he’s lonely — because HE’S LONELY. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that, but I know it’s wrong. ~ J.P. Alexander

I’m drawn to extremism. I’ve always been an extremist. But I’m not drawn to the usual forms of counter-bourgeois extremism that exist on the Left. So, with me, the elitist spine that has to subsist in everything prevents me from going in a Leftwards direction because egalitarianism is a bore. There’s nothing more boring than egalitarianism. There’s nothing more aesthetically sterile. And that’s why the truth is on the Right side ~ Jonathan Bowden


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