Weekly Round-Up: 4th of July, 2016

A day late due to illness — but Happy Independence Day, you traitorous Americans! (I jest of course — sovereignty by blood and steel is sovereignty well-earned, my fellows.)

Over at West Coast Reactionaries it’s been a wonderfully busy week! Part twelve of Primer has been posted — an erratic and interesting spewing to say the least. Also was a short poem about my visit to Exeter’s city center, and thereafter a recount of an honest and open meeting with a political adversary. There was also a flurry of other articles and more I had the pleasure of editing and publishing — most excellent.

At YouTube was a quick word on an upcoming talk in London by yours truly; something enabled by my good friend David Parry and his organisation, New Avalonians. I look forward to also meeting a concerning great number of people at the event.

And finally, here at VOKUS, were some extended musings on a couple of points of interest.


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