TPP S3 E3: On Perennial Symbolism — Notes

Note: This podcast was intended to be a group discussion about this topic, but, due to a lack of participants, I decided to essentially interview David instead.

Perennial means “recurrent”; to appear again and again.

  • Perennial philosophy is the belief that all the world’s major traditions share the same fundamental truth and/or origin.
  • Symbolism is a tool to render metaphysical constructs more easily approachable.

Some examples:

The decline —

  • The four ages
  • Spirituality vs. materiality

Two brothers —

  • Hengest & Horsa
  • Romulus & Remus

Jihad —

  • Spiritual death
  • Sacred war
  • Loyalty as honour

Why do we see similar themes recurring in different traditions and in different races?

How does this fact relate to the world as it is, and is there anything to learn from it?


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