Weekly Round-Up: 20th of June, 2016

Better one week and one day late then never, as they say. It’s been sort-of an emotional up-and-down for whatever reason this past fortnight; something I’d do well to reel-in, and indeed I shall henceforth (or, rather, the tide has a’risen and a’fallen as due course, as it was meant to).

Over at West Coast Reactionaries I’ve added two new instalments to Primer, my ongoing exploration of the world as I see it through my crooked lens (an expression I’m sure to continue using): “What?!” and “Early Summertime Blues” representing for parts ten and eleven respectively.

As I’m happily becoming used-to, there’ve been livestreams on all manner of things: on race and the father-figure, aesthetics and downvotes, all sorts with friends, all sorts by myself, whiteness and Evola, initiation with James, and finally various miscellaneous titbits.

Other videos include responding to comments, clarifying things regarding Millennial Woes, thoughts on physical work, another instalment of mine an Duncan’s analysis of John Glubb’s “Search for Survival,” and lastly but most importantly a video about me.

That last video in particular is important as it outlines several key points of my endeavours and personality and of course how they relate to one-another. In short, I am not a mere ideologue looking to signal my opinions on this or that fleeting topic for no higher reasoning. My motivations are very much personal and existential, and this underlies almost everything I will say and involve myself with. This is not merely transitory or skin-deep; it is intrinsic and a reflection of the supra-individual.

Over and out.