Weekly Round-Up: 5th of June, 2016

No writing for West Coast Reactionaries this week, though there were written entries of a more personal nature here at VOKUS including reflections on leaderlessness, a rant regarding antinatalists, a collection of musical musings and words on a long-awaited hardware update.

As for videos, it’s been a busy week: livestreamed discussions include adventures into Inter-European politics and history with Jack, culture and democracy with Mark Citadel, race and the father-figure with Ed and James and finally aesthetics and downvotes with Ed, James and Argent.

Regarding other videos, there was a monologue regarding political action, and another instalment of mine and Paul’s reading of Revolt Against the Modern World, chapter eleven on the relationship between kings and priests.

Elsewhere in the videosphere I appeared on two livestreams with Ed — the ninth and tenth of his, and the third and fourth time I’ve joined him on his channel. I also joined famed shitposting maestro Alberto Barbosa on his new livestreaming channel for a quick catch-up and conversation about liberalism, Brexit and more.

The strangest — and yet the most interesting — thing this week was the emergence of caricature drawings of Ed and myself! A big thank you to Tumblr user Arkusfunktio for these hilarious pictures.

Last but not least, it’s been a lovely sunny Summer’s week here in merry old England. Something captured well enough by a few pictures of my grandparent’s verdant garden. Truly a blessed place.

Over and out.


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