About two months ago, I found a comment under an article on WCR — one of the entries for the Christianity, Paganism and the European Soul series of discussions — saying, ultimately, that God isn’t real, and if God was real, then he’s a total arsehole for allowing suffering in the world.

I responded to this comment correcting such stupidity only for it to have no effect. My arguments were totally ignored and this person — “Simon” — continued to ramble on about how he’s “heard it all before” from “religious types” like me, and so on and so forth. This carried on for some time, and within a while I’d learned that Simon was an antinatalist and an antitheist. That wasn’t the problem though. The problem was that he wouldn’t shut the fuck up and actually address my arguments. Every idiotic, easily-refutable point he raised was smeared with a coarse veneer of smugness and self-satisfaction that totally amazed me.

By about three hours, however, this nonsense having moved-onto various other articles, I realised that it didn’t matter what I had to say, Simon would just bleat on like a broken record whatever the case. I stopped responding, deleted the comments, and left it at that.

I awoke the next day to find yet more fucking comments — now with an additional “wow you deleted my comments are you scared?” sort of aftertaste. I decided to make a video on my second channel titled “to simon” where I listed-out my arguments against antinatalism and his infantile understanding of God. Now, in the comments section of that video, several fellow Alt. Righters informed me that this “Simon” — Simon Elliot — had actually been banned from various other places, including The Right Stuff‘s Forum, for this exact nonsense, namely spamming about antinatalism, not arguing properly, and just being an overall cunt. I understood then my mistake in engaging with him at all, and deleted all evidence of our communication, and didn’t mention him again for several weeks.

That was until I discovered that this loon had infiltrated part of my social sphere doing to my friends what he’d done to me: making stupid arguments, acting like a prick, all with a really self-righteous, smug veneer.

I then wrote “Life: Yea or Nay” as a sort of formal response to the general topic of antinatalism which attracted more of these idiots! My video — short-lived as it was — had several dislikes and comments from antinatalists within about an hour, without being tagged “antinatalism” or anything of the sort! My article received many views and shares from these people, which confirmed my knowledge that they act like a cult, almost, with a perpetual victim complex at being “misunderstood” by “breeders” like me.

Move-on a few weeks, more stupid comments and nonsense, to me livestreaming with my friend Ed. Simon emerged in the comments section with “Hey Adam are you having nightmares about antinatalism yet?” which, after yet more fucking idiotic side-stepping of my comments like a fucking pilpul-spewing Jew, irritated me something fierce.

From my friends who’ve spoken to him, I can say this: Simon is in his mid-twenties. He lives at home with his mother. He is a total and utter failure in life, not only because he’s unemployed, skill-less and living with his poor mother to whom he is nought but a parasite, but to the extent where he cannot tie his own fucking shoelaces or put pizza in the oven by himself. He is not a man. He is barely a human being. And yet, this pathetic child has the audacity to speak down to anyone for any reason? He has the gall — or perhaps it’s naivety — to actually speak to anyone in a self-confident or smug manner? What’s more is his fucking awful philosophy, which he’s only picked-up to justify his own pathetic nature; his own weakness.

It’s clear via conversation et cetera that he has an instinctive dislike of strength, of masculinity, of power, of greatness, of mastery, of talent, of creation, of life. He — at the subrational level — cannot accept anything which does not affirm nothingness as his philosophy does — it merely being an extension of his piss-poor character. For, were he to address his life, he’d surely develop some honesty and kill himself: as I implied via my article, it’s the only logical course for antinatalists.

I cannot and will not chronicle all the other bits and pieces which have led me to detest this person. But, ultimately, he epitomises the acceptance and assimilation of weakness, of ghastliness. As Nietzsche said,

What is evil? … Everything arising in weakness, envy, and revenge.

The advocates of antinatalism deny life, colour, music, poetry, beauty, power, rigour, spirit, valour, heroism, breath, light, the warm breeze of Summer and crystal still of Winter, the rage of the Sun and the calm of the Moon. My very character moves me to despise the death-worshippers who call themselves “antinatalists.” Hang them all, I say.


7 thoughts on “R.A.N.”

  1. “We cannot raise the question: How can there be evil if God exists? without raising the second: How can there be good if He exists not?” – Boethius

    I’ll simply reiterate what I said earlier. They quite literally worship evil, since evil is nothingness. They don’t realize that there cannot be a concept of non-being without being. It is very odd and requires a great deal of mental gymnastics. “It’s better to not exist than to suffer” is nonsensical from an ontological point of view.

    I pity them more than anything. There’s no reason to be angry with them, as they are pathetic and insignificant; it’s not as if their ‘philosophy’ will ever catch on. Their warped minds are in need of healing.

      1. “nothing else”

        I wouldn’t say that. Restating ourselves helps to understand and refine our beliefs and opinions. There are lessons to be learned from the interactions with the ANs; namely, that most people lack knowledge of basic ontology.

        Reading between the lines (if I may), the issue means something to you. As much as you may want to disregard it all, you might want to consider further contemplation on the topic. Even if you don’t write about this any further, it may help in other writings and whatnot.

        1. You’re not the first person to say that, but you’re right. There’s just something about that style of thinking which repulses me at a very deep level. I’ll have to give it more thought, as you say.

  2. Would you mind if I linked this to Simon? It would amuse me greatly to see hear his flustered reaction.

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