Weekly Round-Up: 30th of May, 2016

A day late but better than never. This week was a bit odd, and very video-centric.

The only writing this week was the scribbling of some miscellaneous thoughts here at VOKUS very early in the week. I did plan-on writing more on Saturday and Sunday, but I fell-ill on Friday night which messed-up my plans considerably. I’m well now, however, which means I’ll have to be doubly active this week at West Coast Reactionaries to make up for it! (Or so he says…)

YouTube is where most of “the action” was this week. I moved some of the more poignant monologues from my second channel onto my primary channel — and then deleted the former. I decided that having a separate place for more “informal” videos wasn’t needed, and that I could be informal and relaxed on my main channel as I was at the start. “Enough of the pseudo-pretending to be ‘professional,'” I thought to myself, “it isn’t necessary.”

So, on my (main and only) YouTube channel this week, we have an update explaining the move and thinking everyone for one thousand (!!!) subscribers, a Hangout with Argent Templar and Babylonian Hebrew about the future of the Alt. Right, the posting of the better monologues from my second channel (including words on fatherlessness, deformity, my grandfather and changes in the Alt. Right), a two-part Hangout on Friday just as I was coming to realise I wasn’t in the best of health, some responses to comments (something I’m going to start doing every Sunday), readings of my¬†WCR articles “Malchemical Meanderings” and “The Demon of Mechanisation” and finally an impromptu, late-night edition of Ad & Ed!

Until next week, then.


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