Weekly Round-Up: 22nd of May, 2016

A quiet but good week.

The was a Plebeian Podcast this Friday, but due to 1) technical issues regarding connectivity, 2) Mark’s microphone giving him grief, 3) the absence of our friendly neighbourhood dramaturge, and 4) the lack of structure to the episode, I’ve hosted the recording on my second channel instead of my primary one in order to archive it. It was a very good discussion, problems aside, thus it deserves a place somewhere, but not on my main channel in continuity with the rest of this year’s thus far high-quality series. Not to worry, however; these things sometimes occur. It isn’t the end of the world.

On my second YouTube channel also was an archival of a rather blood-boiling demonstration of psychospiritual nothingness. There were also a couple of livestreams: a two-parter on the 18th; as well as one on the 20th (featuring James for the first time — with excellent contributions, to boot). And finally regarding videos there were words on accusations of being an armchair intellectual; on having a family and on fatherlessness.

Another thing to mention regarding videos: I have an episode of Revolt to edit, as well as the last seven or eight sections of mine and Duncan’s analysis of Glubb’s “Search for Survival” to edit. We’re getting-on late by a few weeks now — it’s time to fucking get on with it, Adam. Within the week all shall be done.

Over at West Coast Reactionaries there was a brief scribble on the Malchemical process — the means by which cuckery unfolds at the esoteric level. Also at the ever-expanding WCR was another (hopefully final) version of “Chanernative Right” which explains the relation the Alternative Right has with imageboards at a structural and social level.

The reason “Chanernative Right” has been revised (with its second revision being posted here at VOKUS) is because I intend to have it included in a coming anthology published by Counter Currents about the Alternative Right. I spotted second word in the subheader “Memes, image boards, and troll armies” and remembered that I’d already written about the subject last year at WCR. I dug-up that article, tweaked it a bit, and sent it off to Greg Johnson to see if he wanted to include it. I got a response telling me that, whilst it wasn’t absolutely terrible, he wanted more words on memes and trolling. I added a few paragraphs about those topics to my article, and here we are. I have a feeling, however, that my work won’t make into the anthology due to its rather general nature (also given is the fact that there are better writers out there than I); and its being almost three-thousand words long (which is the maximum length for submissions to the anthology) didn’t give me the opportunity to flesh-out those areas — memes and trolling — without cutting-out other sections, which is something I didn’t want to do. We’ll see what happens, nonetheless.

Finally, here at VOKUS, were some notes on the English metaphysic related to a coming piece of writing by myself and Duncan about the topic; as well as a little entry pertaining to a valuable meeting with some friends.

Until next week, then.



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