Misc. Thoughts (May 23rd)

It’s easy to treat various social media platforms as bases to signal one’s petty views on every petty issue of the petty moment. I avoid doing that as it’s often merely egotistical; either done to solidify social approval or irritate those who disagree in a bout of insignificant, temporary superiority. Instead of doing that, it makes more sense to just spew a load of points all at once just for the record, as well as to get it off one’s chest, so to speak.

Donald Trump will become the P.O.T.U.S., but congress will block him constantly, there will be an economic downturn within his first term, and there will likely be an attempt on his life via Left-wing terror or a Mexican drug cartel/gang. He won’t be a bad president because he isn’t a bad man, but many will be disappointed in his lack of radical policies.

The anti-Alt. Right shilling on 8chan is being coordinated by /intl/ shills and goons spamming CP amid other things. There is, however, a small subset of Hitlerians who are cheering along in claiming that everyone in the Alt. Right is a pozzed-up degenerate who worships Milo Y. and the like — something obviously untrue. The same goes for the majority of the anti-Trump threads/posts, and especially the ones implying that Trump is just a puppet of the Kikes, and therefore no-one should ever support him, and it’s all a sham, etc.

The mods on 8chan’s /pol/ are suspicious and need to be replaced by actual /pol/acks who are familiar with the culture and what is and isn’t shilling, spamming, raiding, and so on.

The vast majority of people talking about religion, theology, etc., should shut up and think what their superiors tell them to think. That goes of course not just for religious matters, but for them especially. The common man cannot speak of God, for nearly any theology/theosophy he engages with will be charlatanry and essentially blasphemous, defiling the name of the Lord. Those of the required nature who observe this should correct it, not stand idly by.

“White” is a stupid new-world idea which cannot be politically, geopolitically, metapolitically, historically, culturally, spiritually or otherwise properly found applicable to anyone but deracinated Americans with their — at its very core — progressive country.

Nationalism is too Left-wing.

Leftist political correctness is irrelevant. Feminism is irrelevant. Social justice is irrelevant. There are symptoms of Godlessness, not causes.

The majority of people who comment on videos, blogs, etc., shouldn’t; they should, unless they have something positive to contribute to a discussion, shut up. If they have particular disagreements with a statement made, the should only voice themselves if they feel that it’s worth doing. Simply speaking because you can is a waste: action should be justified. People should speak less, but listen, observe and contemplate more.

Imageboard humour and language for the most part does not belong anywhere outside of imageboards.

If you are a European and are choosing to have anything but European children with a European woman, you should be hated and scorned.

Don’t like someone? Don’t speak to or about them. Don’t like a website? Don’t support it. Attacking people behind their backs — saying things you wouldn’t say to the person’s face — is utterly reprehensible and unforgivable.

Making friends is as pointless as making enemies. One should strive to either make comrades or nothing at all.

Snobbery is a moral good.

Politics is a lost game. The only thing the masses respond to now is pure, animalistic carnage and the rending of flesh. They are so dumbed-down by technology and kali yuga that only violent, spazmic rendings of the veil actually have any slight effect upon their souls. This is true especially for the young. Only the subrational can twist their arms in the right directions.

I need a haircut (and a better camera).



2 thoughts on “Misc. Thoughts (May 23rd)”

  1. >Making friends is as pointless as making enemies. One should strive to either make comrades or nothing at all.

    What is the difference between friends and comrades?

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