Meet-Up: 21st of May

I met with a couple of friends today, which was nice. We explored the Cathedral (it isn’t my first time); observed a military service (nor there either); had lunch at this American Diner sort-of place (indeed it was my first time — and last); and generally walked-about and conversed for the better part of three hours (which I’d happily repeat).


Exeter Cathedral has the longest uninterrupted vaulting ceiling of all the Cathedrals of England. It’s an ancient place. Construction began in 1114 and lasted until 1520 in the adding of new sections, towers, and so forth.


The Cathedral is always a sort of mystical place, as should come as no surprise. Unfortunately on the few instances where I’ve tried to speak about spiritual matters with chaplains and the like I’ve been gravely disappointed in their seeming misunderstanding of my words. Such a thing shouldn’t surprise me in the contemporary age, though it’s still disheartening, extremely so.

I’m still not sure totally what the service was about (I couldn’t hear the speaker very well), though there was mention of The Somme as well as various other battles. We stayed for the entirety of the service in silence; nothing else would’ve been appropriate.

One of the things myself and my friends spoke of (though following the brahmin-among-us’ lead) was the change of Europe’s spirituality. In short, it was suggested that, through the changing of ceremonies and the like, the Church no longer practices white magic, but, rather, black magic. Food for thought.

Another point was the formation of mannerbunde and how difficult it could be to form a small community of likeminded introverted intellectual-types considering our type’s propensity to seek the self instead of the other and how, in a social setting, such a thing would ultimately lead to difficulties — that is, at least if there were no rules established a la the like found within traditional orders and so forth. There would necessarily need to be a sort-of “glue” which herds us stray cats together, so to speak.

I considered writing at length about something thus far mentioned and others still not, though I have much on my pallette I wish to scribble about, I might make time for it in the coming days or so. We’ll see.

A good day, all in all (the rain and clouds excused).


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