Weekly Round-Up: 15th of May, 2016

Quite an all-over-the-place week; largely due to my move to a new operating system, spoken about here, here, here, here, and recorded about here. Due to this, there wasn’t a Plebeian Podcast this week as I couldn’t sort-out the technical side of things regarding a plugin required for Google Hangouts until about about an hour after our scheduled time — next week it is, then.

I did, however, make-up for it with a reading of my article “The Myth of Freedom” on my main channel; and plenty of videos on my second channel: there were words on race; on Millennial Woes and the Alt. Right; some miscellaneous points; on nationalism and on deformity.

There were also two rather lengthy livestreams: one on Friday the 13th; and one on Saturday with Ed (Babylonian Hebrew) on all manner of topics (a must watch).

This week at West Coast Reactionaries was an article about “The Nebulous Nature of the Online Right” — a topic addressed on this blog here and here.

And that about rounds-up the week. Other than the above I’ve been settling-into my new OS, Manjaro, editing, reading, administrating, conversing, and the like.

Until next week.


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