A Word on Donations

I took down a video on my second channel explaining why I now have a PayPal button due to its proportionally large number of dislikes. I didn’t remove, however, the links present on my channels.

If people want to give me money to spend on my videos and the like, I will accept it. I am not monetising my content — all of my videos, podcasts, articles, et cetera, are for free. I earn nothing from anything, even though almost all of my free time is spent in service to my work here, whether editing, recording, writing, managing, or anything else.

I don’t have any moral qualm with accepting donations should people voluntarily wish to give me anything. Any and all purchases will be announced: I will be totally and absolutely transparent with how I spend money people send me. Every single penny will be accounted for.

Keep in mind that I could put advertisements on my videos and the rest, but I choose not to. What I’m doing does not involve money; I am not doing it to get paid. I’m treating donations as gifts from friend to friend, and that exchange will be reciprocated in the form of higher quality videos and the rest.

Perhaps the fact that I’m sat here trying to explain myself says something: I’m still not utterly comfortable with the fact that I have opened this avenue. But it was requested; I didn’t bring it up with people first, nor have I ever asked for anything; other people — several, in fact — have come to me over the months and told me that they want to give me money so I can buy a new microphone, camera, and so on.

I won’t be plastering “Donate!” buttons over my blog, WCR, either of my YouTube channels, or anything else; there are but two small icons on YouTube, and one small hyperlink on the About page of this website. The avenue is there for the handful of people who’ve requested it, that’s all.


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