Musings: 10th of May

I still can’t get my PC working. It isn’t recognising any of the bootable USBs at startup whether Manjaro or Mint. I’m struggling to see what I’ve done which could’ve caused this. Nothing is even showing up in the BIOS menu. I had it working — I turned it on and off three times to make sure that it booted properly and it did every time — until I hooked-up the harddrive to my netbook to re-import all of my files into the Home directory. After that, problems re-emerged; and I didn’t even change anything at a structural level or whatever else. For two days now I’ve been meddling with this machine and I simply can’t figure-out how to solve this problem. I’ll sleep on it, I guess, and do some hunting around on the web tomorrow for solutions (as much as I dislike doing so on this eight year-old netbook — that’s ancient for tech standards).

In other news there’s been some nonsense regarding my video and written rant on the decline of the Alt. Right. Millennial Woes (and others) mentioned and/or implied about me and my views over the course of lastnight to this morning. I’ve made everything on my end private because, in short, fuck off. Over five hundred views for an insignificant rant whereas top-quality discussions on my main channel barely scrape that nowadays? I prefer having a small audience of friends and comrades rather than a massive squabble of nobodies, but I must still say that it’s amazing — especially given that my second channel is exactly that: secondary.

EDIT: I’ve since made things public again.

Perhaps I’m in the wrong for moaning about that, but it doesn’t change the reality of many of the responses — not most, but around one fifth were disagreements with some of my implications. I can see why many in NRx will happily “divide and conquer” their readership considering some of the idiots who browse the internet. If you’re a white nationalist, go away. We have little in common and I care nothing for your perverse, inverted, liberal ideology. I won’t bother repeating the arguments Brett Stevens of has made, so if you wish to spew hundreds of words at me in oh-so horrific indignation, go there prior.

Being “white” (filthy American term that it is) is not good enough. What is your character? How much do you know of yourself? What is your intellect? While it’s true that one white man is worth fifty black men, one good man is worth five thousand bad men. Our crisis has nothing to do with Negroes, Muslims or Jews; they are but symptoms, symbols. The decay starts from within, not without. If you disagree with me on that, then it’s best you move on. You’re wasting your time both reading this and considering me at all in your life.

There isn’t much more to say on the matter that isn’t self-evident. Maybe I’m just in a particularly bad mood because I haven’t been able to fix my PC for two days (it certainly doesn’t help) but the point still stands: an increasing number of people in the Alt. Right are nothing more than racist liberals; they think in a modern way, they are essentially nihilists, they are materialistic and crude, they are vulgar and prideful and have overwhelmingly poor taste in their actions. And I guarantee I’ll be accused of snobbery or something equally laughable for observing that — simply more evidence of bourgies amid us. Into the trash you fuckers go.

I don’t care about making friends. I don’t care about making “allies” or not “punching to the Right.” If I disagree with something or someone, it can and will influence my decision-making. Any “infighting” I partake in stays to my own person; I don’t really name names or make personal attacks against anyone, because where’s the point? The only reason I’m writing this blog post is for the benefit of posterity — something de facto impersonal and indirect. I don’t speak to certain people nor visit certain websites etc., and that’s how it should be, and how a growing number within the Alt. Right refuse to act. A video I made about moral puritanism within the Alt. Right touches upon this. I make my own statements and act upon my own opinions in an indestructive way via their belonging to my own sphers; I don’t impose myself upon others or encourage “purging” and the like, but, rather, I do my thing and let other people do theirs — but that doesn’t mean I shan’t observe from afar and make my own judgements.

What the Alt. Right changing ultimately means is that its overall bent, its overall “feel,” moves to a more populist, demotic shape, instead of it being “led” by a select few intellectuals or specific forms of thought. If you think that’s a good thing, a change for the better, then what on  Earth are you doing reading this?


12 thoughts on “Musings: 10th of May”

  1. Adam, maybe it’s time to let go of labels altogether? Forget the alt right, and just be you. It’s been content creators like you that have kept me on the straight and narrow, safe from falling into the mirror degeneracy that the alt right can introduce to one’s soul. I agree that the alt right is falling into the popularity trap, and maybe it should have been held more closely between us just a little longer. But who cares, fuck branding. Exclusivity creates value, not popularity. This is why I’d value a friendship with people like you more highly than the friendship of people that you described. Thank you for your contributions.

      1. Thanks.

        I don’t typically use labels; I’ve never been one to say “I’m Adam Wallace and I’m an Alt. Righter” or the like, rather I’d say that I was associated with the term. I typically just use “Right-wing” or “far-Right” if asked — but, whatever the case, labels, categorisations, can be important and useful; though if what one’s defining has changed over time such terms can be rendered obsolete.

        As I said in that video, I predict that people will stop using the label “Alt. Right” over the coming years and it will come to mean something very specific.

        Nonetheless, thanks for your support.

        1. I really don’t want to become a 1488er, but every time that I turn on the television, I do see attacks on whiteness. I can’t say that I don’t feel the pull every time that London’s new mayor feels the need to comment on US politics. This is just my immediate thought this morning, as I watch cnn and drink my coffee in the break room at work.

  2. “I still can’t get my PC working. It isn’t recognising any of the bootable USBs at startup whether Manjaro or Mint.”

    This may seem silly. But have you tried disabling Secure Boot?

    1. Yes, I’ve been fiddling with every setting in the BIOS menu. I might try today installing a bootloader directly to the harddrive. We’ll see how I get on — we’re supposed to be doing a podcast on Friday!

  3. So what exactly is this “white nationalism” that you hate so much? For the record, /pol/ has always been full of edgy people who take no crap, and who on occasion have been known to want to reject what they see as overintellectualism.

    Now a guy like RamZPaul is making videos saying WNism is a cult, but in fact he is by any rational definition a WN himself. He wants a country for white people. The kind of people you’re talking about who are very movement oriented and want to think about tactics and gaining influence from a rhetorical (non pure logic) POV are not all bad.

    There are many high quality, intellectually stirring alt right/WN if you like resources: Radixjournal is one, New Europe Radio is another, TRS varies but it has some top quality stuff too. I’ve browsed the chans for almost 3 years now and there’s never been a total saturation of NRx. NRx has always been a part of things, but has been more of a background intellectual overlay that most people don’t get deeply involved in. That being said, NRx obviously has its place, and matters.

    Stefan Molyneux is another “alt right” guy. Very good. The extreme WN neo nazis actually fucking hate the alt right, they hate Richard Spencer, they hate RamZ. Not everyone who focuses on White group interests is anti or non-intellectual, nor are they all stupid. Some of them have good things to say, important things that make you think, deeply.

    I don’t understand your attitude, given that the alt right has never been in fact a unified thing. There have always been edgy nazi meme spouting kids. Many of them are in fact joking. You have this attitude of “those filthy materialists focusing on the White race as a materialist, genetically based group”. It’s just odd. Identity politics will never disappear entirely.

    Lastly, I just want to say that you seem to have an overly romantic view of what the alt right once was. There are still good and top quality things being written from an alt right POV, and if you feel they’re not getting enough attention, you should put them forward, more.

    Maybe if more people like you who want a higher quality alt right actually worked to get the better quality stuff out there, it would gain a bit more traction. The alt right, being a broad umbrella movement, is constantly morphing, new ideas and new resources can become popular or unpopular relatively quickly.

    So maybe try to influence the nebulous alt right instead of declaring that it’s now all turning into shit. You seem to have an apocalyptic attitude towards it, that it’s all ending up in a doomsday of stupidity. Well, I just don’t see that.

    That’s my take on it
    With all the best regards to you and what you do, MG

    1. My view ultimately is that, due to the nebulous nature of the Alt. Right, the feel of the entire thing — the network, phenomenon, whatever you want to call it — is declining in general quality. Maybe you’re right; perhaps I’m wearing rose-tinted glasses, but I don’t think it’s just me who’s becoming disgruntled with the general make-up of the Alt. Right. Speaking to friends about the matter, people who’ve been involved for about two year or more, they tend to agree with me moreso than people who’ve just arrived within the past six months to a year. It’s the latter group who’re telling me that “there is no place for philosophy anymore; it’s about ‘survival'” etc. — action is of course tantamount, but in which direction?

      I know to some degree I’m wasting my time ranting like this. It looks bitter and childish. I’m just venting, really, at how I no longer feel a part of the Alt. Right, a community I used to feel very much a part of. Like I said elsewhere, it might just be my own perspective and biases, but I don’t think that’s totally the case. I know Woes is going to do a video on this whole topic. He’s been having a lot of conversations behind the scenes with Greg Johnson and others.

      1. Just suffice it to say that NRx can and should continue to be a good influence on the “alt right” in general. Perhaps identify as NRx first and alt right 2nd or not at all.

        NRx has always been a relatively minor player. The truth is that real truth seeking intellectuals are never going to be a demographic majority in anything much.

        There are still people in the “alt right” who like what NRx is and enjoy it. So, I say just don’t stop. Allow the ebb and flow of events to shape the alt right, come what may, and don’t allow it to distract you from putting your ideas out there. Those who want your ideas will find them, and they’re out there.

        Anyway, good luck mam.

      1. You should probably stick to the serious alt right content, which does in fact exist. There are always going to be large more plebeian movements. That’s life I guess. People in general have never been too terrible bright. Every Greek wasn’t a Plato or an Aristotle.

        Platonism and Aristoteleanism survived through keeping the tradition alive in special academies run by philosophers. That’s how the influence descended to the masses, bit by bit. The masses were never really “enlightened” though.

        Also, you can learn to kind of take the shitposting rightwing hooligan types with a chuckle. Evalion for instance is kind of a joke, and most of her viewers seem to know it. There is a kind of edgy ironic “I’m a fascist” thing going on. I think in the end it’s a positive development if it keeps people away from leftwing ideologies.

        Also I think a lot of the more “NS” right or whatever is genuine, and it’s not all bad or harmful people. I say give them time. I doubt someone like Evalion will really be a Nazi when she’s like 50. It just seems unlikely.

        Anyway, I hope my words can potentially give you some food for thought. I value what you do.


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