From Mint to Manjaro


I’ve moved operating system once again. There were some troubles regarding the boot loader but I’ll figure it out shortly — it didn’t stop me from reaching my desktop and making this blog post, did it?

Since leaving Windows 8.1 in mid-2015 I’ve dabbled in GNU/Linux to varying degrees of success with different distributions; from Mint and Ubuntu to Arch Linux and CentOS I’ve looked around, and I can safetly say that for those who’d wish to sidestep Microsoft’s everworsening nonsense, Linux Mint is practically a more customisable Windows 7 (a famous and brilliant OS if there ever was one) which I highly recommend.

I decided, however, to move onto Manjaro after looking around on the net and seeing this sleek new challenger to Windows 10 — and, speaking as someone who’s familiar with Win10, I can safely say that going from what I saw on the net, as well as what I’m presently experiencing, we have a winner.


As you can see, I’ve literally about fifteen minutes ago arrived onto Manjaro — I will post later a screengrab of a more customised, personalised desktop etc.

As for the file manager, expect basically a less-intrusive Win10. (Note that this is all 100% stock; I’ve changed nothing from first install but the taskbar everso slightly.


In short, drop Windows (and vidya too whilst you’re at it, nerds) and join the GNU/Linux masterrace. ’tis but a few lines in the terminal away.



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