And a short while later…


We’re getting there. Only have all my documents, pictures, videos and music left to transfer (my Desktop folder is for my projects, images for WCR etc., and the like).

There’s still the issue at boot where — and I can’t quite figure this out, but — it fails to essentially do so; it seems the part of my disk where the boot parameters to start Manjaro aren’t in the highest priority, even though I can’t seen to navigate to the BIOS menu anymore. At start-up I’m faced with the “Press <F12> to configure boot options,” but if I press F12 nothing happens. Instead I have to press Ctrl-S, and then for some reason I get to this unusial BIOS-esque menu, whereby I can change the boot order, but if I select that option it does nothing. But thereafter, when I exit that menu, I’m faced with a boot menu! I might have to ask /tech/ for advice. I’m stumped.

Aside from that, however, things are great (oh, and once I finally get logged in the wireless password doesn’t seem to remain in the cashe).

BUT YEAH — aside from those two hiccups, I’m very pleased with how Manjaro functions. Pretty good/10.

NOTE: Two hours later…


(The tweaking never stops.)


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