On the changing face of the Alt. Right

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When I lament the Alt. Right changing for the worst, this is the sort of shit I’m talking about. And this wasn’t the only post in that thread which ran in this trajectory — there were many more like it (some even worse).

A video I made talking about this sort of subject was received to some odd comments. Millennial Woes reported feeling depressed about the matter, and we spoke at some length over it where we moreorless agreed on my judgement (though not totally on its implications or on what to do).

The reason why the sort of coarse, brash, simplistic, populist style is quickly becoming the central core of the Alt. Right is due to its popularity. Where the core of the Alt. Right two years ago, at least to my perspective on YouTube and the like (and the perspective of others), was the Reactosphere which included the influence of Neo-Reaction and similar highly elitist, intellectual spheres, the core of the Alt. Right — the core being formed from the bottom-up due to the decentralised nature of it — is clearly becoming a sort of “edgyism” a la coarse psuedo-Hitlerianism at the center (the Nazis dindu nuffin, race itself is the most important factor, Jews are wholly responsible for our crisis, Christianity is a Jewish tool to enslave the white man, everyone who disagrees with me is a cuck, etc.), with a “lol so edgy” anti-SJW-ism on the surface and outskirts (liberalism is okay if it’s with whites, democracy is okay, muh free speech, muh rights, etc.).

This is a totally unavoidable circumstance in my opinion. There could not’ve been any resistance against this change because no-one at the center of the Alt. Right like Spencer or Johnson wanted to impose themselves onto the thing in order to manage it like Land and others did with NRx. They were right to do that, not only because it would’ve been inappropriate to impose themselves on such a broad tent, but due to that fact of it being a broad tent, to impose themselves upon the Alt. Right in order to carve it down to its essentials would’ve actually been impossible. Such an attempt would’ve failed; it would’ve been like trying to grasp a fistful of slime which’d only slip though one’s fingers the harder one grips. People — especially disorganised millennials who don’t like authority at a subrational level (hence the only reason they don’t like cultural Marxists boils-down to “muh freedom”) — would have lamented any attempts to do such a thing. NRx tends to be full of older, more lived, experienced people. The Alt. Right is largely, notoriously, not as such, being full of vocal people from fifteen years-old and upwards, etc.; standards aren’t going to be the same.

Intelligent people are being drowned-out in the Alt. Right by simpletons who just want to signal and tell the world how bad “cultural authoritarians” are. I detected this trend very early on — late 2014 in fact. Over the past year and half my gut-feeling has only intensified.

Of course, people will continue to form their own networks and the like, their own communities and so forth, so the changing face of the Alt. Right isn’t that big a deal — certainly nothing to get depressed over. There will always be a small minority of high-quality people, thus as the number of people in the Alt. Right increases so will the number of those people, though they can be difficult to spot. I’m nearly at one thousand subscribers on my main YouTube channel. Not a quick growth, I must say; I’m averaging two or three new subscribers every day (though I haven’t done much to “self-promote” to say the least). As Woes surpasses ten thousand subscribers I remember when he had one thousand or so and just how different the comments section was on his videos compared to now. It’s a noticeable difference in quality. Likewise I seem to be picking up a few lost white nationalists (evidenced by some stupid cunt going off about how Christianity is a Jewish tool to subvert the goyim in the comments of a recent livestream) but generally I give these people nothing and I tell them directly, like I did with this guy, to fuck off. Woes is too polite for that, though his speech about “white people” this and “white people” that will attract the same people who know nothing of history, culture, spirituality, or indeed themselves. It’s about focus, and only the individuals at the “top” of the Alt. Right can influence who their audiences are. There will always be the base nationalism present in intellectual spheres, though the Alt. Right used to go beyond those confines. It seems we’re so afraid of naysaying stupidity that stupidity is now (rather) common form.

Whatever flavour one’s specific ideology, however, it falls to the person to do what they want. If no-one in the Alt. Right makes radical, elitist statements for fear of taking accusations of being a divide-and-conquer shill (which do exist, I must add), then we will continue down this path until anything even resembling intelligent discourse is shut down for being cucked and probably Jewish-inspired. Putting one’s foot down can be a difficult decision, and different people have done it in different ways, but discrimination between the stupid and worthless and the bright and valuable isn’t a sin.

Yes, ideology will effect that. Many people don’t wish to call-out others for being totally idiotic bastards because “We’re all white, okay? Don’t punch to the Right!” to which I’d observe that the Alt. Right is not a fucking political party with specific goals in mind, and to treat it as such will lead everyone — or, the broader phenomenon — down the road of petty signalling and fear of hurting one’s fellow h’whiteman’s feelies. In short, a road which will amount to absolutely fucking nothing of substance.

I remember being on YouTube two years ago and feeling amazed and intimidated by some of the people who’d make videos and the like, as well as writers. Now, however, I’m thoroughly underwhelmed by an endless sea of boring, bourgeois, nihilistic millennials. Maybe it’s partly my own perspective, but I don’t think it is totally. The more the Alt. Right grows, the more trash it’ll attract, which will push-away the better people or leave them and their content in obscurity.

NOTE: Just to clear-up some things I’ve said regarding NRx “purging” people, Mark Citadel has corrected me. I will say, however, that I stand by the fact that people in NRx are far more discriminating than people in the broader Alt. Right are, hence the former’s high quality in comparison.

In early 2015, #NRx became a very popular tag on Twitter for rightist thought in the same way that #AltRight currently is. Unfortunately it was being used by /pol/-tier accounts such as those of KantBot, Lord Humungus, and Moe to promote National Socialist memes among other things. Around May, Michael Anissimov had his infamous drunken Twitter meltdown which resulted in much mockery from the aforementioned individuals of NRx itself, especially after Anissimov threatened to hunt down well known blogger, Ryan Landry, and shoot him. In the correct belief that this had gone far enough, those close to the Hestia Society launched an official putsch that month and blacklisted those either misusing the title of Neo-Reaction, or embarrassing the movement with their antics. This met no opposition from other prominent Neo-Reactionary writers, such as Nick Land, and so control over the brand was formalized. As such, the May 2015 putsch was less an ideological purge than ensuring that those with questionable egos and motives were not allowed to jeopardize the hard work that a diverse array of writers had put into NRx.


8 thoughts on “On the changing face of the Alt. Right”

  1. TBH, the devolution of the alt right is nothing for us to be angry or sad about. Most people do not care for intellectual discussion involving theology, philosophy, etc. Let them have their fun in their safe sandbox. As long as they leave the reactosphere alone, then they do not matter.

    As far as obscurity is concerned, it will always remain that way. The reactosphere is a hidden part underneath an already vague tent. No matter, recognition is of little importance. Many influential writers in the modern world were only known posthumously. Anyone who’s in it for fame is in the wrong place. It’s all about ideas and building the foundation for the future. Those who would be attracted to such things will find the intellectual right-wingers even if they remain unknown to the broader alt right.

    1. Yes, I’m not whining about it, really, just describing this process which I don’t think is for the better. I’d just rather see quality overcome quantity as it appeared to do so a couple of years ago. The overall tone of the Alt. Right has gone downhill, to my eyes.

  2. Very interesting writeup on the situation, Adam, though I would have mentioned the Trump candidacy as being the driving factor behind the growth of the AltRight in the last year, particularly its trolling wing. This might portend a dropoff in interest by unsavory elements once the thrill of the American election cycle has died down.

  3. Here’s how I see it, Adam: the emerging right will organically develop a structured intellectual vanguard/elite in due time. Whether they are composed of NRx, /pol/locks, or rogue intellectuals like the great Jonathan Bowden is still up in the air.

    I’m actually very optimistic when I see the growing Nationalist populism swell our ranks. It may seem contradictory for those further on the right to embrace this (still meager) increase in number, especially if you yearn for aristocracy, pedigree, and some quality control. Yet, I think the energy and real-life action of these participants will grant velocity to ideas/theories further to the right than Nationalism. This developing, seemingly transitional rightist populism is the only way I can imagine reality coming to cross with (or returning to) more Traditionalist forms of society.

    I don’t mean to bother you with my very threadbare, likely unnuanced, apologetics, but, I’m wondering: what do you think of this line of reasoning? I’d like to hear you expand on your thoughts a bit, I’d hate to see you and Woes disillusioned over dogmatic, image board culture and ribaldry.

  4. Too many Americans who define themselves from the leftist book of demonology. They say that Hitler was the worst thing ever? We’re Nazis! They call themselves liberals? That means everyone from John Locke onwards was a faggot! Etc etc

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