Aphorisms: I

I am from a race, but I am of a people.

Truth is distant to me, as is untruth, so that the meddling of emotions stays far away.

Honesty above all: in action, speech, thought and feeling.

There is Tradition and anti-Tradition; just as there is Being and non-Being, Truth and non-Truth.

One does not choose religion as one chooses a nice pair of shoes, for it is in fact one’s very feet.

Paganism finds its cults within creation. Monotheism goes beyond.

“Is,” like “is not,” is a fixed state. Hence Tradition knew Being and Becoming; solidity and flux.

Knowledge for all is knowledge for none. Only the blind require guidance.

As it was with Hengest and Horsa, the Anglo-Saxon longs to dominate and supplant, without lies and without remorse.

The pride of the English is their strength in glory, and weakness in snobbery.

The common man belongs to the world of endless Becoming, of constant flux and change. The better simply Is.

Who are you to ask questions?


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