Weekly Round-Up: 1st of May, 2016

A very quiet week, mostly due to my own mood, which has been extra-ordinarily blue for a couple of weeks now; and I’m not entirely sure why. I’ll pray on it tonight.

Nothing in the way of videos on my main channel this week, though Duncan and I finished recording our analysis of John Glubb’s “Search for Survival” — that’ll all be edited and uploaded within this week. Also, there wasn’t another chapter of Revolt uploaded, nor — yet again — was there a podcast this Friday due to a lack of people available. But I look to the coming week. I’m sure we’ll be back on schedule in no time.

On my second channel, though, for stuff of a more informal nature, there was a ramble on antinatalism in relation to an article I wrote (more on that in a second) as well as a monologue on pro-E.U. sentiments within the Alternative Right — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL8hD1tKyWw and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLAFA8STBOM respectively.

Elsewhere in the videosphere, however, I did join Argent Templar and others to talk about monarchy in the eighteenth edition of The Patrician Podcast (sister podcast to The Plebeian Podcast, in case that wasn’t obvious). Very good stuff. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the entire hour and forty minutes, only an hour, but I’m sure there’ll be a next time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=357M95ijQgM

On West Coast Reactionaries this week I had a bash at antinatalists and assorted death-worshippers with the flaming sword of the words of Anthony Ludovici, which had some interesting aftereffects including a hilarious riposte by a Marxist, feminist antinatalist (you couldn’t make this stuff up!) https://westcoastrxers.com/2016/04/26/life-yea-or-nay/

I also cobbled-together a little concluding piece regarding being yourself and what the “self” actually is. I keep doing this where I should just write a five-thousand-word article, but instead I break it up over a period of days or weeks as the train of thought goes into separate articles over time. At least it gives me a good reason to compile things together now and again and keep a record of my thought-processes (part two of Primer will be done shortly, going by this rate). https://westcoastrxers.com/2016/05/01/further-thoughts-on-being-oneself/

In other news, I’ve made an account on the Social Matter forum. http://forum.socialmatter.net/profile/373/Adam_Wallace

Speaking of forums, theĀ TRS forum is not what I expected it to be. Seems there is practically a hive of Hitlerian morons dwelling there, unfortunately. I shan’t be using it anymore considering any post which isn’t holding up the right-hand salute gets flooded with downvotes and condescending remarks. A waste of time and a shame.

I’ve also deleted my Ask.fm account. Petty egotistical nonsense which only serves to foster a false sense of importance regarding one’s own opinions. And to boot there was a particularly bitter anonymous ask there attacking me for some trite reason. Henceforth, if there are questions — or, indeed, insults — they should be direct, honest and not anonymous. Anything less isn’t worthy of respect enough to take seriously. I enjoy criticism, but only when it’s actually valid and helpful, otherwise it’s a waste of breath or energy expended typing.

Related to social media, I’ve removed a considerable number of contacts on Skype and Facebook, and unfollowed everyone on Twitter who I don’t know personally (so about one-hundred people in all). It’s not personal, but I’d like to actually speak to people who I share my personal details with. If you want to add me on social media, great, but actually make it worth something instead of just the bolstering of your friendslist with yet more internet Right-wingers. I don’t care for seeing the same old antiliberal/antinonwhite/anti-Marxist/etc. image macros in my newsfeed again and again and again.

It’s bank-holiday Monday tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to do some editing and some more substantive writing. Happy May Day, by the way.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up: 1st of May, 2016”

  1. Oosh. Luckily, I made the cut and didn’t get purged. I wrote all those articles just to get senpai to notice me. What a waste that would have been :^)

  2. The amount of Hitlerian signalling on TRS can get annoying, but I enjoy the variety of characters and the discussion as a result can be quite interesting and generally more constructive than say, /pol/.

    However, I understand your position.

    1. I expected it to be less edgy than it actually is. Most of the people I correspond with are the better of the crowd anyways, so I’m not missing anything.

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