Site Maintenance is a Dull Chore

I’ve spent the better portion of today sorting out this blasted website, with — in my opinion — a good deal of success.

I am in the process of uploading all of my audio content to and linking through to it via the menu at the top of this site. Thus far all of 2014’s and 2015’s monologues have been uploaded, half of the first series of The Plebeian Podcast, all of the second series, and an interview of Mark Citadel of Citadel Foundations.

That leaves half of the first series of The Plebeian Podcast, various miscellaneous dialogues I’ve had with people over the past year or so, the Paganism, Christianity and the European Soul discussions, the Revolt Against the Modern World analysis and reading, this year’s (the third) series of The Plebeian Podcast, this year’s monologues, the many sporadic Babblefests and multi-person conversations we’ve recorded over the past year or so, a few episodes of Ad & Ed, and probably some things I’ve forgotten about.

Safe to say we have a ways to go thus far.

I have also added a (growing) list of hyperlinks to various websites and blogs of interest, which might interest visitors to this humble little site.

We’ll see how long this takes for me to complete, especially considering my involvement in various other projects at the moment as well, including continuing with the analysis of Revolt, continuing with The Plebeian Podcast, continuing with my own monologues (hosted on my secondary YouTube channel), a reading and analysis of John Glubb’s “Search for Survival,” editing and proof-reading a friend’s novel and assisting him with the writing of another, miscellaneous discussions with various people for YouTube and elsewhere, various recording, editing and so forth, writing my own short story, writing my own articles, writing for this blog, doing anything else which comes-up in the meantime, and of course doing my own reading, eating, sleeping, conversing, and other ordinary human stuff.

At least I’m not bored. I fucking hate being bored.


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