Weekly Round-Up: 17th of April, 2016

I’m going to start doing this every Sunday evening, a sort of round-up and all. Makes sense to me considering how much can happen per week, and I’ve been wanting to have regular content uploaded to this blog anyways for some time.

To begin with on a personal note, my granddad is out of hospital now, after bloody years of agony, getting a new hip. He might need his knee looked-at, also, but it’ll all come in time. It will be nice watch the man walk without a limp again — it’s been a while.

Also, I have uploaded into this website six articles from Counter Currents — the translator asked Greg Johnson to take them down, so I’ve just archived them and have omitted any personal details about the translator and all to avoid all that nonsense. Evola’s words only belong to Evola, and he wasn’t exactly one for copyrights and legal nonsense, hence I’ve deemed it morally justified to host these six translated articles of his for those people who’ll find his always valuable words worth reading.

What else is there? Ah, my friend Mark Citadel appeared on THA Talks with David Parry and Paul Obertelli earlier today. It was a very fascinating discussion and I’d urge everyone to give the excellent-as-always hour-long THA Talks podcast a thoughtful listen: http://thatalks.com/edition115/

Also involving Mark was a discussion he had with Nick B. Steves and William Scott about why the Right is right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV5G7dqUnlE A very valuable talk indeed.

Was there anything else? That antinatalist nut keeps bothering me, still — Simon, please go away, I’m not debating you and I don’t care for speaking with you; you’re wasting your time — go and do something more interesting with your life.

The Plebeian Podcast didn’t air this Friday gone simply because there weren’t enough people available, but hopefully we’ll sort something out in the week. Sorry if that’s caused any confusion, it can’t be helped sometimes. I’d rather upload a good podcast late than a sub-par one on time. Also in YouTube-related news, mine and Paul Andersen’s Revolt Against the Modern World reading and analysis (though more the former at this point) is ongoing — with continued interest, might I add, which I’m surprised by as well as gladdened.

Along with all this has been the usual stuff: writing for West Coast Reactionaries, having lengthy discussions with many people every day, reading plenty, and the rest.


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