Another Good Meet-Up

So yesterday I met with another fellow thought criminal, similar to my meet-up with Jacob Western which took place a month ago (spoken of in the first portion of “Overcoming Simulation“).

The guy I met goes by the pseudonym Le Trashman, a name borne of the vein of online memery which makes absolutely zero sense to anyone unacquainted with it — though I did explain this vein of modern culture somewhat in an article I wrote last year for West Coast Reactionaries titled “Chanernative Right.” I will not reveal his real name here, though “T” will do.

After departing from our meeting ground in front of Exeter cathedral, and leaving his white rastafarian father (whom I did not speak to) to browse Exeter’s many bars (at two o-clock in the after-bloody-noon), we made our way to the quayside for a cup of tea. Thereafter we took a walk around the marsh at the south-east of the quayside back around to the city center. Overall we conversed and joked for about two hours, and it was nice to finally meet “T” after knowing him virtually for about a year and a half.

“T” was a very shy fellow in person — much moreso than I anticipated; extremely softly-spoken, so much so that I had to ask him to repeat himself to me more than once because I just could not hear him! (Though it likely does not help that my own hearing is not excellent after years of drumming without hearing protection.)

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me so there are no pictures of our meeting; the only physical evidence being soaked jackets due to the flash-raining and hailing we were subject to when we were not inside a cafe or tunnel.

Anything metacircumstantial which I could say about yesterday was said when I wrote “Simulation to Actualisation” — basically, such occurrences are good and there need to be more of them, as many other reactionaries have pointed-out as of late.


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