On Procrastination Et Cetera

Come on Adam, write something you lazy bastard.

Procrastination is one hell of an addiction, and I am sure it is not unfamiliar to anyone to some degree. To just sit around or play computer games instead of working or doing something creative (thankfully today has been filled with house chores). What marks procrastination as a negative force is the fact that it is a “taking” experience, it is a “feeding” or, to use the best word, “receiving” state of affairs. There is nothing emanating from the person, he is only taking from his surroundings.

Since the influx of new writers at West Coast Reactionaries it has become clear to me that I could genuinely write much more than I do. In fact I believe I could write more than one article every single day. The problem, however, lies in reasoning such a thing. Just because I can write about something does not mean I should, though that is potentially a negative or unhelpful mindset. If one is to find some deep reason for doing absolutely everything nothing would get done. It is extraordinarily easy to play the critic, the devil’s advocate, to imagine the little angel and the little demon sitting on either of one’s shoulders urging you this way or the other. It does get tiring after a while.

Quality over quantity, basically, is what I wish to be geared towards. Enough of stepping side-to-side, time to step forwards. But in what overall trajectory? Questions, questions, questions… Overanalysis is both a gift and a curse. Anyways, What has happened in the past week or so of note?

David Parry has — and apologies if this is supposed to be a secret, David — asked me if I would like to involve myself further with his “Theo-Humanist Arts” projects, specifically THA Talks (which I have already been involved with) as far as contributing to a new blog there and possibly even joining him and the THA Talks team as a co-host of their podcast! We will see what happens. I have said “Yes” to David regarding both things. Thank you again to Tom Rowsell for introducing me to David and opening these crystalline doors.

What else? Ah yes: plans are underway regarding the New Wessex Right — a south-west based English identitarian organisation. Meet-ups are happening every weekend and things are slowly taking shape; there is a coalescing of energies which will soon form something solid. The online skeleton is in place in the form of a blog and a forum (as well as a private Skype group). This weekend coming I will be meeting with a couple of guys, and the next weekend possibly even more. It is excellent that things are sort of moving; the ball is rolling, so to speak, and I can only hope that people get more involved, and that we find more people. It is about community, something being lost in our globalist, postmodern world; a sense of belonging, of having someone else’s back and them having yours. Other groups and organisations do obviously exist, but there are none which exist in the south-west to my knowledge. Time will tell how things take shape but I have a very good feeling about this year and the ones to come regarding that which constitutes regeneration, or runs parallel to it. Rebirth as a principle must be contextualised and the conscious search for meaning and identity is a part of that.

Next week I plan to restart “The Plebeian Podcast” which is hosted on my primary YouTube channel. I will contact people over the coming days to form a panel. It will be good to get back into the swing of it, especially now that I feel I have met the right people with which I can explore the topics which are nearest to me and which I feel are the most important — no more nonsense about economic statistics or facts about crime rates which go in one ear and out the other. Such transitory occurrences mean absolutely nothing from any perspective which pushes quality before quantity. I am a mystic at heart it seems, and though I cannot express things in the clearest of manners I think that is due simply to my lack of years hitherto. Nevertheless, listening back to myself a year or so ago, the difference is clear and noticeable. A good sign, and exactly how it ought to be. It would be odd indeed for me to go backwards and be more knowledgeable.

What else is there? More mundane matters include repainting and repairing the exterior of my grandparent’s house, something due for our present house also — Summertime labour as it were (the guttering also needs doing, and that is the least of it). I also have a moped now (not that I particularly require one), but it might come in handy once I insure it and all the rest.

I try to create something every day, to squeeze some dribble of substance from my mind. I have been doing more (extremely) informal vlogs for my secondary YouTube channel. But this week particularly I have been busy working on behind-the-scenes stuff (NWR, emailing people, editing for WCR, that sort of thing). Better to be busy than otherwise. Onwards and upwards.


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