Dialogue with Ezekiel

Adam: Hey. Do I know you?

Ezekiel: Nope. But I know you… from the [Millennial] Woes‘ [Google] hangouts. Added you here through Facebook recommends from MW. I’m sort of a distant black ally of white self-determination. I follow the news and happenings and sense that your race and civilization is in grave danger of imploding. Got red-pilled years ago when I read Madison Grant‘s Passing of the Great Race and I’ve been haunted ever since.

Adam: Ah, alright. And that sounds fascinating. I know there are a few around; an alignment in caste one might say as opposed to ethnicity. Race of spirit and all.

Ezekiel: Well, I’d say an alignment not in caste (as you put it) but in outlook. Natural order as opposed to the nihilism of egalitarianism, that sort of thing. I believe that natural bounds (race, sex, class, et cetera) should be recognized and respected. Integrity not corruption. Only very, very few non-whites have the patience and self-awareness to see the big picture. I snapped out of the delusion a while ago and became a committed realist.

Adam: Why do you think that is?

Ezekiel: Why do I think that is? Well, you have to understand that naturally the default position of every race and people is to see things as they are (not what we’ve been led to think “ought to be”). Once equality (rather than justice) became a creed, people of color found an outlet for their natural resentments — much like feminism became an excuse for females to artificially equalize themselves to males. The grand delusion of our age is to pervert natural order and meaning. A little secret: black people know that whites are different from blacks and even sense that they are of a higher state than they are. That’s fine as long as there’s respectful separation. But once the imperative becomes “equality,” envy and resentments surface and unnecessary tensions violate those natural lines. Order, one way or another, needs to be established again in the world. The chaos we’ve living through is bad for everybody, not only whites.

Adam: I agree. I think we’re nearing the apex of things; within the following century we will see dramatic shifts take place. I cannot speak for Africa, but Europe is in a dire position — and things could easily go awry, especially in places like Belgium, France and parts of England. Mostly due to demography of course, but other factors potentially.

Ezekiel: I understand. It’s a great thing that there’s something of an ongoing worldwide white awakening. Your people are key to restoring Order again. I hate the parasitism I’m seeing feeding on your civilization. That’s why I think the rise of [Donald] Trump and his “wall” is significant. If the white man says “Enough” with enough will and necessary violence, order can be restored. If you can regain your pride again, then everything else falls into place for all of us. You have to draw that “line” and say “This far and no further.” You are humanity’s pre-eminent race and you need to take back your place as nature intended. truth is everybody knows this, but are taking advantage of your present weakness. And it all begins by declaring independence and your right to self-determine again.

Adam: In Europe, Islam will be the spark within the next couple of decades. What arises from that balances on a knife’s edge: either our destruction or rebirth. I tend to think the latter, but occasionally I get pangs of concern considering just how thoroughly spiritually deadened many Europeans are. One reads of German women being gangraped by Pakistani migrants to then turn around and blame European racism for the attack. It is this which indicates at the sort of inner inversion which has consumed many of us. And that is our worst enemy; nihilism, that which facilitates and allows weakness et cetera. For that to be overcome I think will take more than a Trump Presidency in the U.S., it’s an entire zeitgeist which needs to swing back the other way. I’m a perennialist, I believe this is the age of Kali Yuga, but it is nearing its end. I just hope I live to see it.

Ezekiel: You’re right. It’s sort of like a “twilight of the gods” sort of thing. There’s an evolutionary filtering taking place, sorting your people out into patriots and traitors. Those that survive (patriots) will reorganize your race on an entirely new basis with “race” and integrity as its driving principle. The traitors will be absorbed into the non-white mass or killed off. Either way, the white survivors of this race war will be of a stronger and tougher breed. and as long as the motive spirit that has always characterized your race is in there, you will take back what is yours. It’s unfortunate though that lots of blood and broken lives may have to happen in the meantime. Save those you can and regroup… it’s going to be a rough next couple of years. The few of us on the other side who are perceptive are with you, because we know that this is a fight that will turn things right-side-up again.

Adam: Yes. Regardless, it’s been good talking to you. Talk to you another time.

Ezekiel: Take care.


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